HOW TO Regain Your Suspended Google+ Profile

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Fake profiles are in large numbers on Facebook. You can also check how to identify fake profiles. As a social network develops, fake profiles are sure to creep in. With the increasing popularity of Google+, fake profiles are also being created in Google+. But Google has been eliminating fake profiles in the last few weeks. But mistakes do happen and even your profile might get suspended if Google finds some suspicious activity on your suspended profile

Check if your Google+ Profile is Suspended

I myself have not experienced it but only a person whose profile was suspended can tell you how to find out if your Google+ profile is suspended. This is what Fleep Tuque says regarding her Google+ profile suspension:

When your account is suspended, you can still see your incoming stream, and notices get sent to your phone/email/whatever if you had that set up, but you can’t edit anything but your actual profile and you can’t comment, reply, etc.

Steps to Regain your Google+ Profile

  1. The first step is to fill up the appeal form which is provided to you during sign up process. You can fill up the form here.
  2. Wait for 24 hours. Google responded to me within 24 hours when I reported a bug in the number of people having me in their circles not being updated. So they might respond to you too within this time limit. If they don’t you can fill up the appeal for again providing some more details about why your account should not be suspended. You will need to provide your contact number and verify your identity by voice or SMS. So make sure you don’t hesitate in sharing your contact number.
  3. Post in Gmail Help Forum as even your access to other services will also be barred if your account is suspended.
  4. Contact Google+ Community Managers like Toby Stein and Natalie Villalobos regarding this.

This is all you can do and wait for Google to respond and trust me, they do respond if necessary. You can also choose to download your Google Account data to ensure that you do not lose any important contacts.

If you are under 13, your profile might get suspended and you will lose access to your Gmail account too. You can read this for more info.

Has your Google+ Account been suspended or have you recovered it after suspension?

  • Thanks God im over 13 😛

  • I didn’t have any idea regarding this but such knowledge will be good to keep in mind.. Its a good sharing.

  • that’s nice! hope the G+ team recovers the suspended profiles soon.

  • Thank you for sharing your great ideas! I learn a lot from you. Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for the steps to regain G+ profile … Fortunately I am not the victim of this !!

  • Shubham Gupta

    Lalit is it possible to regain suspended Facebook account also?

    • Yes it is possible but they usually ask for a scanned proof of being yourself along with your photo in it. It is quite tedious unlike Google+

  • Shubham Gupta

    Ok TY for telling 🙂

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  • How can they suspend your for the name? Not even facebook doesn’t check if your name is real, aren’t we allowed some kind of anonymity on the internet? We all know Google like to see and know everything, but i doubt it has a use for my real name or age. What for, targeted ads?

    • No, there are some other reasons why fake names aren’t allowed. Fake profiles are made mainly for marketing purpose. Make sure you check out my article on Fake profiles on Facebook.

  • marvic

    Hello Lalit

    I’ve heard a lot of stuff about Google+. But never got the chance to use it. I think they only allow access to those who have some invite? When did these project start anyways? Can you send me invites?


  • My Profile just got suspended – I changed the name, sent a request for a revise from within my profile and now, about 5 minutes later I’m back in the game again. I guess that was the fastest repsonse from google EVER.

  • I’ve been figting G+ on my profile suspension for several months. Despite providing multiple websites, and showing me using the name as both a pro-wrestler and a Radio DJ, they refuse to allow me to use this name. Unlike the other examples you give, it typically seems to take me several days to receive a response. So far, it has always been a continuing of the suspension, wiht no discussion, reply, or feedback other than a boilerplate posting or email quoting their policy. It’s been very frustrating…

  • Yea I’m p****d right now. I need a blog. Everyone suspends it, and it’s not even bad…I put hours into it. I can’t make it f***in perfect in 2 weeks. Oh I tried to contact Toby too, but it said ERROR when I post to him…I’m really f***in mad. Would google like it, if someone banned all their crap? I need a blog, because I tried wordpress too, but they deleted it right away! I’m trying to make a legitimate business blog, but everyone has a stick up their ass. What do I do? -Bryan.