Block Ads on Websites Using Firefox’s Do-Not-Track Technology

You might always wonder about how your personal information is shared and used online. How your personal information is collected by advertising companies because of which you receive numerous mails from them. Not only you, even I am a victim of these advertising companies 😛

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mozilla do-not-track technology

Do-Not-Track Technology

Mozilla Firefox has now come up with do-not-track technology. This do-not-track technology would make your firefox browser to signal the websites not to track the user’s information for advertising purposes. But the tricky part is to get the website owners to cooperate.

Online Behavorial Advertising (OBA) is the process by which Advertising companies analyse the behavior of the Internet user for their advertising purposes.

How does it work?

Using this technology, you get a preference in your firefox browser to opt out of OBA by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header with every click or page view in Firefox. Once you turn on this feature, the websites will be informed not to track your online behaviour. This is a better approach than clearing cookies and blacklisting.

Obviously this technology is reliable but the chicken and egg problem which arises here is that it requires both browsers and sites to implement it to be fully effective. this technology will be implemented in upcoming releases of Firefox. The developers are also committed to ask the website owners and advertisers to cooperate with them to honor peple’s privacy and their choice to opt out of OBA

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