Root Almost All HTC Devices With HTC Super Tool

Rooting HTC Devices has always been a tedious task, though frigid from XDA has made it very easy by creating HTC Super Tool. As of now, you must be knowing that you can root your HTC Device only if it is S-OFF. That is tiresome and you my also need to spend some bucks to buy the XTC Clip to make it S-OFF Using HTC Super Tool you don’t really need to get S-OFF on your phone and root it with S-ON. Let us see how it works.

Root HTC Devices

Which Devices Can be Rooted?

HTC Super tool roots the following devices:

  1. HTC Evo Design 4g
  2. HTC Evo 4g
  3. HTC Evo 3d
  4. HTC Evo Shift
  5. HTC G2
  6. HTC MT3Gs
  7. HTC MT4G
  8. HTC MT4Gs
  9. HTC Inspire
  10. HTC Sensation
  11. HTC Incredible
  12. HTC Wildfire S
  13. HTC Amaze

How To Root HTC Devices

Follow the steps below to root your HTC phone

  1. Install HTC Drivers from here (skip this if you have them already installed)
  2. Enable USB Debugging
  3. Un-Zip the kingdom root script (Download link at the end)
  4. Click on run.bat

Disclaimer: BlogoTech is not responsible for any harm that might be caused to your phone though the possibility of occurrence of such situation is less. The above tool has been tested on the devices listed above. Try at your own risk.

It does not get S-OFF to your phone and hence you can not run custom kernels. The root provided by HTC Super Tool is a permanent root 🙂 If you face any issues, you can find a solution at the XDA Forum

Download HTC Super Tool

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