Unlock Root Roots Almost All Android Devices

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If you are an Android user and a tech savy, you would love rooting and so do I. I have always loved rooting Android devices, flashing custom ROMs and much more. It is fun to play around with your Android device, breaking all the restrictions which the manufacturers impose on your phone. After all, Android is an open source software and that’s the reason why Android developers, modders and hackers are able to develop tools to root your Android device. And yes, all those tools are free, thanks to the Android Community.

Unlock Root is one such tool developed to help you root any Android device. Usually tools are developed to root devices from a particular manufacturer but Unlock Root currently roots 250+ Android devices of various manufacturers including the top ones like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Acer, ASUS and many more. It currently roots devices running Android 2.1,2.2 and 2.3 only! You can expect an update for Ice Cream Sandwich Support soon.

In this tutorial I will tell you how to root Android device easily with Unlock Root. As already said, this tool supports almost all Android devices you can be sure that your device would be one among them. However, you can check this list to confirm that your device is present. If it is, continue reading.


  1. Unlock root runs only on Windows XP/Vista/7
  2. You need to install the USB drivers of your phone. Since this tool supports devices from almost all manufacturers, I’m unable to provide you with the download link. You can do a Google search for the USB drivers and install them.
  3. Before you root any Android phone, you need to back up your phone’s data. You can back up your contacts to the SD Card and to back up your Applications you can use ASTRO File Manager. In case you need to reset your phone, you can make use of the back up files to restore those applications.

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. Also note, rooting your phone will void your warranty.

Steps to Root Any Android Device With Unlock Root

  1. Download Unlock root from the official website.
  2. Pick up your phone and Enable USB Debugging by heading over to Settings>Applications>Development and ensure that USB Debugging is checked.
  3. Connect your device to the PC via USB.
  4. Run Unlockroot.exe
    Root Any Android Device
  5. Your handset will be automatically detected after which you can proceed to Step 5
    Choose Android Device
  6. Choose your device from the list.
  7. Click on the root button to root your Android device.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete after which you would get a message which says that your device has been rooted.
  9. Reboot your device for the changes to take place.

You have now rooted your Android device. You can confirm it by checking if you have superuser app installed or by installing an app which requires superuser permissions. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below 🙂

Did you ever think it would be so easy to root any android device?

  • Perfect and best tutorial ever on routing all kinds of android devices…

    Would also love to configure more on my personal devices..

    • lennysmith

      hi.. please help me to root my nexian a5000 device… i use unlockroot and superoneclick but it useless… it said failed to get shell root… why? can somebody explain to me? what’s wrong? thx

  • ankit gupta

    scrap for me .not work in my lg p350.the error msg. is show that failed to get shell permishion.

  • lay

    how can i root my htc wildfire with S-ON ,HBOOT-1.01.0002

  • fab

    i need help, i tried this software on 2.3.6 and it says failed to get shell root

    im trying to root samsung galaxy note

    pls help

    • You can check this guide to root Samsung Galaxy Note. If you face any issues, feel free to comment back here!

  • fab

    hi i tried the guide my phone reboot but not rooted

    Easy rooting toolkit (v3.0)
    created by DooMLoRD
    using exploit zergRush (Revolutionary Team)
    Credits go to all those involved in making this possible!
    [*] This script will:
    (1) root ur device using latest zergRush exploit (16 Nov)
    (2) install Busybox (1.18.4)
    (3) install SU files (binary: 3.0.3 and apk: 3.0.6)
    [*] Before u begin:
    (1) make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device
    (2) enable “USB DEBUGGING”
    from (Menu\Settings\Applications\Development)
    (3) enable “UNKNOWN SOURCES”
    from (Menu\Settings\Applications)
    (4) [OPTIONAL] increase screen timeout to 10 minutes
    (5) connect USB cable to PHONE and then connect to PC
    (6) skip “PC Companion Software” prompt on device
    Press any key to continue . . .
    — STARTING —-
    — cleaning
    — pushing zergRush”
    776 KB/s (23056 bytes in 0.029s)
    — correcting permissions
    — executing zergRush

    [**] Zerg rush – Android 2.2/2.3 local root
    [**] (C) 2011 Revolutionary. All rights reserved.

    [**] Parts of code from Gingerbreak, (C) 2010-2011 The Android Exploid Crew.

    [+] Found a GingerBread ! 0x0002e118
    [+] Found a Samsung, running Samsung mode
    [*] Scooting …
    [*] Sleeping a bit (~40s)…
    [*] Waking !
    [*] Sending 149 zerglings …
    [*] Sleeping a bit (~40s)…
    [*] Waking !
    [*] Sending 189 zerglings …
    [-] Hellions with BLUE flames !
    if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    toggle “USB DEBUGGING” (first disable it then enable it)
    — pushing busybox
    2233 KB/s (1075144 bytes in 0.470s)
    — correcting permissions
    — remounting /system
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    — copying busybox to /system/xbin/
    /system/xbin/busybox: cannot open for write: Read-only file system
    — correcting ownership
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    — correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    — installing busybox
    /system/xbin/busybox: not found
    — pushing SU binary
    failed to copy ‘files\su’ to ‘/system/bin/su’: Read-only file system
    — correcting ownership
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    — correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    — correcting symlinks
    rm failed for /system/xbin/su, Read-only file system
    link failed Read-only file system
    — pushing Superuser app
    failed to copy ‘files\Superuser.apk’ to ‘/system/app/./Superuser.apk’: Read-only
    file system
    — cleaning
    — rebooting
    ALL DONE!!!
    Press any key to continue . . .

    this is the log

    pls pls pls help (I AM ON 2.3.6)

  • fab

    IS SUPERONECLICK f;ashing phone cas i just want to root not flash

  • fab

    sorry the software doesnt work either, it keeps hanging after a few minutes

    i need help

  • fab

    hi i dont know if this is the issue but the driver for my phone (android composite adb interface) has a yellow exclamation point meaning something is not right how do i fix it if thats the problem

    • Connect your phone to the PC with USB Debugging enabled and type “adb devices” in command prompt. See if your phone is detected.

  • fab

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
    Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\user>adb devices
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.


    this is the error i get

  • fab

    ok i fixed the error and my phone is detected but still im not rooted???

  • fab

    ok i fixed the error and my phone is detected but still im not rooted???

    • Did you try Unlock Root and other tools after fixing the error?

  • fab

    yes i did but it still gives me the same ‘failed to get shell root’ error, pls pls help



    I have a Telefunken TEL7J, I have been trying to root this device for months, this application also doesn’t work.

    Any tips?

    It runs Froyo 2.2



      Hi have tried all of the following:


      If I run Titanium, it give an error:

      No root access.

      UniversalAndroot gives this error:

      Failed ! No ~~~Fu goo ~~~

      Any other tips?

    • I don’t really know much about your device and have never seen it yet. Sorry!

  • Luna

    I have xperia mini pro 2.3.4, listed on the software ‘s page, but a message appears that it cant get the shell permissions. And on the site’s FAQ, says that they can do nothing with that. I really want to root my phone, and I can’t seem to find a working way!

  • Deo

    sir…hmmm is there a way to unroot it again..? after the rooting..i just want to root my samsung galaxy y gt-s5360 because i want to remove the 1st register gmail account on my android market…

    • If you wish to remove the Gmail account, you will have to reset factory data. You can not unroot using Unlock Root, though it is possible using other methods!

  • kahlil

    hi .. i got LG p970 V20n and tried to root on unlockroot but seems im getting failed to get shell permission.. thanks alot..

  • Daniel morrison

    i also got LG p970 V20n and tried to root for using superoneclick2.3.1 and 2.3.3, but it also failed..

  • Dharma

    not working for gt-s5360. says enable to get shell root….

    pls help.

    – dharma.

  • keithbads

    tnk u bro…

  • BiTe

    Well.., i tried this on my xperia neo V (2.3.4), but failed.
    –> failed to get shell root (or sth.)
    Can u help me?

  • ale

    help with the HTC Wildfire S

  • herman

    It is showing error ” FAIL TO GET SHELL ROOT on my samsung galaxy s2

  • Kamal Kishor

    I need to root unlock my micromax A70 Androix mobile, please guide …

  • methun

    Is there any changes in the phone exceptsuperuser application or any easy method to check that my mobile is rooted.

    • You can download the Root Checker application from Google Play Store

  • Abhilash

    Hey…!!! I want to Root my Sony Live with Walkman phone… I’m using it by SuperOneclick… And after few steps later this app (On my laptop) stops working and hanged… Plz plz!!! help me… I want to Root my phone…!!! Thanx in Advance…

    • It will not respond for a few minutes and then it will finish the process!

  • RAJ

    Tried to root ZTE v9c 2.3.4 Reliance 3G tab but unble to root as I get message “Failed to get Shell root”
    Any answer?

  • Al

    To whom it may concern:it worked perfect and smooth even if my Android 2.3.6 is a Chinese fake iPhone !! I’m gladly surprised and impressed,so easy to operate !!! 15-05-2012

  • Al

    Addendum…Sorry I meant 15-04-2012 !!!

  • Abdul Aziz Yaqubi

    Hi, I tried to root my galaxy note using the Unlock Root tool but it did not work for galaxy note GINGERBREAD.DDLB2. So I tried to use the easy rooting toolkit, unfortunately the easy rooting toolkit (file size 1.79MB) that I had downloaded didn’t extracted and tried downloading 10 times and each it was giving me the “Unexpected end of archive” message.
    Please guide me rooting my galaxy note GT-N7000.


  • Can anyone list some awesome apps that are applicable for Rooted phones 🙂
    Thanx in Advanced.

  • mragank

    it is written fail to get shell root on my micromax A44 plz help me by mailing the solution on my id [email protected]

  • mragank

    what is superone click