Run Android Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook: Android App Player

BlackBerry PlayBook Android AppsA few days back I had written about the release of BlackBerry PlayBook which operates on the QNX OS in which I also mentioned that the PlayBook might also support Android in future and yes, it does now. So now you need not wonder much about how to run Android Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook. The BlackBerry World Conference held in Orland, FL by Research In Motion officially declared that Andoid App Player will be available on the BlackBerry PlayBook soon.

They had uploaded the video on their Youtube Channel, you can view it below:

[youtube XRriABMed7M nolink]

As the name suggests, you will be able to able to load and run Android Applications on the PlayBook directly. This will obviously give a tough competition to the iPad 2 since you don’t find many apps on the QNX OS.

The Android Apps plus the multitasking and ease of use of the BlackBerry PlayBook definitely makes it a good tablet and as Techcrunch says, Android will surpass Apple’s App store by August, 2011. This makes it difficult for you to choose any one- BlackBerry PlayBookiPad 2Motorola XOOM. Which one would you prefer?

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