Schedule & Auto Respond to Text Messages [Android]

Schedule Messages

Have you ever wanted to be the first person to wish your friend for his/her birthday but unable to stay awake till midnight? You might also want to send some text messages in future but t0-do lists and Event Managers might be irritating if they are many in number and inconvenient too. Auto SMS is a wonderful Android App which lets you schedule and Auto Respond to text messages and SMS

Auto Respond to Messages and Calls

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If you are driving or in a meeting, you can set up and automated text message which will be sent to all the text messages you receive and calls you get. You can set up different profiles with settings which include whether the response must be sent to Messages, calls or both. You can also set a duration for the profile and it remains active during the set duration.

You might not like setting up auto response to some forwards sent to you by your friends. If I get replies for sending forwards, I might not send any more in future 😀 Hence, Auto SMS also provides you with full control over who receives your automated response. Hence contacts from whom you get forwards can be excluded from settings.

Auto Read Messages

ss-480-4-17This is yet another useful feature of Auto SMS. This feature lets you read English Messages you receive automatically as soon as they are received. You can also turn this off if it distracts you while you are working on something important.

Another feature of this app are scheduling your phone to Silent mode automatically (pretty useful for college students like me ;))

Auto SMS makes it easy for you to stay connected with your contacts and let them know if you are busy. It is quite useful for people who have a lot of contacts.

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