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If you were to search for something, you would prefer Google in most cases. I do the same but I end up disappointed on Google when I wish to download free files. When you use Google to search for a file, you will be disappointed very often, because Google would not offer that file type (like mp3 and many others) or it would serve a web page instead of a direct link to download a file. Many of them do not offer free downloads, or perhaps they are not safe for download. proves to be very useful in such situations.

Using,  you can download files of almost all types for free. And it is quite safe for you to download files from as you have an option to scan the file for virus with just a click. is a free file search engine which has files of more than 1,000 data types including files for your Mobile. It covers files which you might not even find in Google search results. Anything you search for lands you in a page of free downloads of files. is not a file uploading site and it indexes only publicly available files for download.  The best part of is that it does not require any registration or captcha for downloading files. It is completely free.

Now I will show you how it works when I search for “Search Engine Optimization”

The above pic shows:

  • The data type of the file, which on clicking shows files of similar data types
  • Virus Scan for safe download
  • The date on which the file has been indexed to make sure you don’t download an outdated file.
  • The download link

Tips to Search for Files of Desired Data Type

If you type in the name of the file you would like to search for, you will get a page of results which has files of all data types with the data type written in the left. Clicking on the data type will show you files of the same data type, hence easy to search. But what if you do not find a file of the data type you wish to download? You can use these tips:

  • Type the search query and postfix it with the data type
    For example: Search Engine Optimization .pdf will show files named Search Engine Optimization in pdf format
  • If you do not wish to download a file of heavy size, you can also specify the limits for the size of the file
    For Example: Search Engine Optimization 10k-200k
  • You can also exclude search words with a dash like Search-Engine-Optimization. An alternative method to search for more than one file is to use the word “OR” between different search words.

Free Online Antivirus Tool

Free online antivirus tool

Find Files also offers free online antivirus tool. Before you download a file, you can perform an antivirus check by entering the download link of the file. You can also scan a file by uploading the file on

  • I remember there were a lot of similar websites 5-10 years ago, i kind of miss them. Most of them went out business when the torrent and dc++ entered the market.
    But you still can’t beat a good old http virus-free download!

    • TeluguMan

      As far as I understood, it is not for file sharing like DC++. It offers just search for files which are all over the internet.

  • is good site for downloding files ,thanks for sharing.

  • I really appreciate this article you have shared and i am curious about this. for example i downloaded some software does it gives a lot of download source?

  • Hi Lalit,
    Those tips are really helpful specially for me because I need those tips for searching files..

    • TeluguMan

      Using is pretty easy. What I like most is that you can check a link for viruses before you click the download Button! On other sites I was always a bit afraid my computer gets infected on a downloaded file.

  • I haven’t heard about this site before but it does sound good. I would like to visit this link.

    • TeluguMan

      Here it is: 😉

  • I am just wondering if ever i wish to download some crack files, can this be a good option?