HOW TO Search For Your Old Facebook Posts and Tweets

Have you ever updated a Status on Facebook which you wish to find out again, or you had Tweeted about something and wish to view it once again after a long time? It must be a tedious task if you keep scrolling down on your Facebook wall and trying to find out what was posted few weeks back [Practically Impossible]. Searching for Tweets is also practically impossible if you have been active on Twitter and you want to search for a tweet which you had sent few weeks back perhaps an audio tweet too. But this trick lets you search for your Facebook posts and Tweets without having to scroll down you Facebook wall or Timeline on Twitter.

Social Searching is a web service which makes searching for Facebook posts and Tweets much easier. Here is how I searched for my name on one of my friend’s wall 😛 (Just wanted to know the number of times she has mentioned me ;)) Login to socialserching using your Facebook account and enter your friend’s name and the text which you wish to see in the post. This service would also list out the photos and videos which contain the search term in the caption used.Social Searching-Facebook
Here is the result I get when I search for my name in my friend’s posts:

Social Searching

To search for Tweets, you need to login using your Twitter account. You can enter the username of the person, who’s feed you want to search and the word you remember in the Tweet which you are trying to find out. This service allows you to search for Tweets which are more than 2 weeks old which Twitter doesn’t. The results for my search looked like this:

Social Searching-twitter

When you click on the date and time below every search result, you are redirected to the relevant post on Facebook or the Tweet on Twitter.

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