HOW TO Send Self Destructive Private Messages Online

Privacy is of most important to you when you are online. Your chat sessions, private messages are always accessible by the social media site you are using. Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, all these sites have access to your private messages. What could you do if you have to share a private information or a top secret online with your friend? You would perhaps give up and call your friend to convey the message. But here is a trick using which you can convey your private messages online and believe me, none of the sites can access your message.

You can send a self destructive message online with QuickForget. As the name suggests, you can create messages which get destroyed within some time which must be specified by you. Just go to
QuickForget and enter your private message.


You can also specify the time below. It could be either the number of reads by the other user. For example, if you enter Forget it after “2” views, the message gets deleted after it is viewed twice. Alternatively you can also enter the time after which you want the message to be deleted. Once you click on Save My Secret, you get a URL which can be sent via email or IM.

Self Destructing Message

No cookies are saved on your or the viewer’s computer and the message is deleted from QuickForget’s database after the specified number of views or time. The message is also kept behind an SSL (protected URL).

This method is the best way to share private information online. Would you like to use it?

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