Send & Reply to Texts on your iPhone From Computer

Connecting your Phone to the PC for various tasks would be of great use if you are a Computer Addict like me. I had recently written about how to send & reply to text messages on your Android from PC using DeskSMS app for Android. And this post will tell you how to send SMS on your iPhone using your Computer. So you do not need to pick up your iPhone to check text messages or to reply to them. If you wish to make and receive calls form your iPad, you can check how to turn your iPad into iPhone You can get them directly on your PC while you browse the Web. The installation of DeskSMS app for iOS is not the same as that for Android. DeskSMS for iPhone

DeskSMS, a free Cydia app needs a support client for being installed properly on a jailbroken phone. The support client is Notifo which can be downloaded from the App Store here. You need to sign up and install Notifo on your iPhone. After you have done it, you can go to and login and get your API Key from the settings tab. Copy the key as you will need it again after installing DeskSMS.

Now launch the DeskSMS app and in options, you will find a field to enter your Notifo API key and username. Enter the credentials and save the options. DeskSMS requires your Google Account to login. Hence you will need to have a Google Account so that all your text messages will be forwarded to your Google Talk. You can reply to all your texts from Google Talk. The best thing about it is that the message will be sent from your own number and not any other strange random number.

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