HOW TO Send and Monitor Tweets from Google Talk

If you want to get more Twitter followers, you need to Tweet frequently and hence you will have to login to Twitter or use apps like TweetDeck. There is one more way to Tweet not using these heavy applications and that is to tweet from Google Talk. After the introduction of Google+ (get invites here) and Gmail. Here is a trick to tweet from your Gmail or Google talk. I would also recommend you to use rapportive to Tweet from Gmail. But using this trick you can tweet from Google talk application.

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5 Easy Ways  To Send Audio Tweets to Twitter allos you to Tweet from Google Talk. All you need to do is go to, sign in using google and Twitter to grant access. After you do this, follows you using it’s Twitter handle and also gives you a request in Google Talk. Just accept the request and any message you send to Chitter is Tweeted from your Twitter Account. Have a look at the screenshots:

Here is how i sent a TweetChitter

Here is the resultLalit Indoria on Twitter

Chitter .im would advertise itself by sending a Tweet from your account once you authorize it which you can delete later. Apart from tweeting, you can get latest tweets from a user, retweet a user’s latest Tweet, receive the Timeline in your Google talk, send DM, follow or unfollow users from your Google talk.

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