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Displaying author image next to post title looks pretty good when it is a multi author Blog. Did you ever imagine how would the search results look when they have the image of the author next to the search results? Yes, they would look really cool and Google has also made it possible for Bloggers to display the author image next to the links in search results through a feature called Authorship. Here is how you can do it:

1. You must have an About Me page in your Blog.  Do create it if you don’t have one. Link your name (preferable) or some other word to your Google Profile. This link should have rel=”me”. You can refer the source code of the About page of BlogoTech where the link looks like this:
<a rel=”me” href=”https://plus.google.com/117924486158016885283/about“>Lalit Indoria</a>

2. Next you need to link all the article on your Blog to the “About Page” you created in step 1. Hence you can add the link in your sidebar or the footer. You can see that I have added the link in the sidebar of BlogoTech under the Twitter heading. This link should have rel=”author” attribute. The link which I have placed in the sidebar sidebar looks like this:
<a rel=”author” href=”https://www.blogotechblog.com/about-blogotech/”>About BlogoTech</a>

3. Now you can sign in to your Google Profile and add a link to your “About Me” page. Also check the statement “This page is specifically about me”. You are done with it now.

To check this, you can go to rich snippets in Google Webmasters and paste  a url of a recent post. You must get a result like this:rich snippets

You can see that there is a new author profile link which corresponds to the About page of BlogoTech.

Once your content is re-crawled, you will see the image next to search results.

[via Digital Inspiration]

  • Its Good to be one blogger to show their image in search.thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice information gonna try now
    Thanks for sharing Lalit

  • Hi Lalit, I follow all these steps for my blog and verify it all thinks done right but till now my author face not appear in Google search results. Please tell me what is prob.

    • It might take some time but you need to have ample content on your about page with a few photos! I’m facing the same problem though. you can check Digital Inspiration credit which I have give at the end of the post

    • Yes even i have read this post on DI

      its good that you gave credit because you know Amit is all crazy when some one copied his content ..lol

  • Hey lalit but i cannot see your image next to blogotechblog in Google searches ?? havent you put the code?

    • I might have went wrong somewhere! or I might need to have some more images in my About page

  • That’s a neat trick, wouldn’t have thought of it by myself.
    I’m trying it right now, can hardly wait to get re-crawled.

  • It is definitely a nice catch to be a blogger and has a profile to consider.

  • where’s the screenshot?

    I’ll bookmarked this post until I see the screenshot

  • Lalit,

    OK – I get the basics here about the images etc, but what if you have say 75 authors on a blog, will you need to have reference to the particular image or, just the name of the author as long as you dont have two the same?

    And, does it have to be an about me page – or can it be referenced from the author page?


    • The best way to implement is to have an author box at the bottom of the post and ask every author to give a link to his/her Google+ profile with the rel=”me” parameter or give a mailto link in the author box and also verify the same email address in his/her Google+ profile. Addictivetips.com seems to have some verified authors for some posts. You can see that too! Also, some authors have been getting authorship verified without the link! I got it verified after I removed the link to my Google profile!