HOW TO Stream & Share Youtube Videos Within Facebook & Chrome

Recently I wrote about how to load Youtube Videos faster and control Youtube videos volume using mouse scrolling. But do you know any application which lets you stream and share Youtube videos within Facebook? I haven’t come across any such application yet. +Music is a Chrome Extension which lets you search for, view and share Youtube Videos within Facebook.

stream Youtube videos in FacebookThis extension lets you search for videos in your Facebook home page, search and play mp3 songs in Facebook and also play Rdio from different online sources. A music note icon is added on your Facebook home page next to “Question” link. You can type in the name of the artist, song or album and search for tracks. Three tabs are available at the left named Youtube, Mp3 and Rdio. Clicking on the Add button allows you to share music on your Facebook wall. This extension uses search engine to search for music. I could not find Indian tracks in Mp3, however I could play them on Youtube. The MP3 feature is still experimental and a few tracks might not work.

To use this extension on Facebook, you will have to disable secure browsing (https). Personally, I do not find secure browsing much useful. If you wish not to disable it, you can still stream music in your Chrome Browser by clicking on the Music icon on the top right.

This extension would be useful for those who like Youtubing and Facebooking, as it integrates both of them in one place. If you wish to stay updated with such tricks to simplify your Internet life, you can subscribe to BlogoTech and receive latest updates.

Install +Music Extension for Chrome

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