Facebook Pages Get Timeline, Allows Fans to Send Messages

The Timeline for Facebook Pages is now live and as Facebook says, it would be official from March 30. You can now upgrade your Facebook Pages with the Timeline. The Timeline had been pushed to Facebook profiles a few months back. Facebook says the Timeline has been activated on all profiles all over the world, however I could still some profiles with the old profile layout. They must be considered lucky, if they really hate Facebook Timeline. If you are one among them, check out a temporary way to remove Facebook Timeline. Coming back to Pages, the timeline feature lets you Brand your Facebook Page, Highlight what matters and Manage everything in one place.

Timeline for Facebook Pages

This is true considering the cover photo which is a major source of attention for anyone who views your Page. This is as useful for the pages as it is for personal profiles. When you do something great, you add it as the cover photo on your Facebook timeline. The same can be done with a page where you can add some achievements of your Business as your Cover photo.

Another great feature which the Timeline offers is Messages. We had reported that Facebook Pages would get Private Messages feature soon but the leaked images didn’t come out true. Perhaps Facebook had been testing the Private Messages feature for Facebook Pages. The new Timeline for Facebook Pages is located in the admin panel above the page (obviously visible only to admins) which can be hidden when needed.

Admin Panel for Facebook Pages

Yet another exciting feature is the ability of Pages to add Milestones. This lets you publish all your success stories, no matter they took place before the Timeline was out. We had crossed 10,000 visits in a single day on Feb 10th, 2012 which could be added to the Timeline. But before you could add this to the timeline, you would be asked to enter the date when your Page was created. I wonder why does Facebook as this when it already knows the date. However, it proved to be useful for us as our Facebook Page was created before we started this Blog on january 1,2011.

BlogoTech Crosses 10K Pageviews in a single day

Now that looks interesting and might help you gain more interaction with your fans.

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I seriously like the Messages feature. But that would make me remove the Contact app on the page. What do you think about the new Timeline for Facebook Pages? Let us know in the comments.

A few disadvantages include the loss of Landing tab. Also, Did Facebook Pages fix the security flaw which lets Page admins remove the Page owners?

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