Top 10 Articles of August 2011 Which You Might Have Missed

August has been one of the best month till now and we had published 41 articles, thanks to our guest authors. The statistics have also improved to a good extent as BlogoTech’s Alexa rank has rose up to 39K. As we reach the end of August, I would like to highlight the top 10 articles which received the maximum traffic. Have you missed any of them? Make sure you read articles you are interested in.

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Note: The articles are placed in the increasing order based on the amount of traffic received.

1.Completely Integrate Twitter And Facebook In Google+

This post explains how to update your Facebook status and Tweet from Google+. You can like and comment on Facebook posts, retweet tweets from people you follow right from your Google+ stream. Hence it completely integrates Facebook and Twitter with Google+.

2.Automatically Forward Text Messages From Phone To PC [Android]

This trick will show you how to forward text messages from phone to PC and also reply to text messages using your PC. The message you send from your PC will be delivered to the other end with your own number in the sender ID. So you don’t need to worry if the SMS you send will be sent from an unusual number or name.

3.HOW TO: Disable Facebook Sidebar Ticker

After a recent announcement by Facebook to update their new privacy features, they had introduced the Facebook sidebar ticker. I have already discussed about a few reasons why I love & hate the Facebook sidebar in an earlier post. You can also refer it if you haven’t seen the ticker yet. The sidebar ticker might be annoying for many of them, hence this post is for those people who really find it annoying and unnecessary.

4.Search & Download Files Of All Types On FindFiles.Net

Using ,  you can download files of almost all types for free. And it is quite safe for you to download files from as you have an option to scan the file for virus with just a click. is a free file search engine which has files of more than 1,000 data types including files for your Mobile.

5.Facebook Might Be Destroyed On November 5 : Anonymous

Facebook’s destruction might be a shocking title for you, but it is not me who says that it will be destroyed, it is “Anonymous” who says it! Anonymous is a hacktivist group which is responsible for attacks on Pentagon, News Corp and 70 other law enforcement sites. This group vows to destroy Facebook and the deadline given by them is November 5th.

6.Load Youtube Videos Faster & Control Volume With Mouse Scrolling

If you want a video to buffer quickly, you will need to change the pixels to 240 which will make it load faster. Alternatively, if you have a high-speed broadband connection, you might prefer watching HD videos [1080p] but it becomes inconvenient if you do it manually to watch several videos. So here is a Chrome Extension which enhances your YouTube experience.

7.Simple Ways To Do SEO Quick

This was a guest post written by Usman Nasir. Basically SEO (Search engine optimization) is the method of ranking in search engines. In Google if you can rank in the top list and not have to shell out from “AdWords”, then you will certainly be able to make cash. The first Google organic list gets all the traffic of about 50%.

8.Download Facebook Messenger For Android And iOS

Facebook has released its official messenger for Android and iOS. There have been many third party apps which offer you Facebook chat but using those applications might cost you some spam in your email id ;) Facebook’s official application is out and is free to be downloaded from the Android Market or iTunes.

9.Best Twitter Marketing Tools To Promote Your Blog

This was a guest post by Michael. On the offline business world, we use text messages to keep up with our customers and build relationships. On the internet, we do similar thing but this time, it’s easier because of Twitter. If you know how to harness the power of twitter, you can easily get your site up the ground, become an authority on your niche and attract media publicity.

10.HOW TO Stream & Share YouTube Videos Within Facebook & Chrome

Do you know any application which lets you stream and share YouTube videos within Facebook? I haven’t come across any such application yet. +Music is a Chrome Extension which lets you search for, view and share YouTube Videos within Facebook.

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