HOW TO Track Your Kid’s Facebook Activity

Tracking your Kid’s Facebook Activity becomes important sometimes to prevent some unusual happenings which land you in deep water. This can easily be done via Minor Monitor (link at end of post). Minor Monitor is a web service which tracks and also alerts you via email when some suspicious activity on your kid’s Facebook Account is observed. The suspicious activity is decided by the comments your kid makes in public and the photos posted. However, you require your kid’s Facebook password for once. This web service tracks all the public activity of your child on Facebook. Let’s see how it works on tracking my activity 😉

You need to authenticate access to your kid’s Facebook account in the beginning to get started after which you are redirected to the Dashboard where you are shown an overview of the tracked Facebook activity of your kid.

Minor Monitor Dashboard

 As you can see there are 919 alerts for my account for all days since the beginning. This does not mean my account is full of suspicious activity 😛 but this is because of the settings which are set in High mode and hence many words which can be the names of drugs get indexed.

In the alerts tab you can see the suspicious activity on your kid’s Facebook account. Words which are drugs or alcohol or even abusive ones are listed below the updated. If you are not in your kid’s Friend’s list and if the post made by your kid is public, you get a link to the update on Facebook where you can also see the comments made by your kid’s friends.

In the left pane you can add more accounts by clicking on “Add Child”, view photos posted by your kid and also your kid’s friends.

The settings tab gives you the options to be alerted via email when some suspicious activity is discovered on your kid’s Facebook account.

P.S If your kid is a Geek like me, he would revoke access to Minor Monitor by going to the Privacy Settings page 😉 However, chances of this are less because not many people usually check their privacy settings regularly.

I have not come across any other web service which lets you track Facebook activity easily as this, did you?

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