Update Facebook Status on Android Via Different Services/Devices

If you update your Facebook status via your Android phone, it would look like this:Facebook Status Update via Android

You would see the “Android” platform written below your status update which shows that you have updated your status using an Android device. Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your status using a device which you don’t possess like iPhone, iPad or a web service like Foursquare and Google+? It is quite easy to do so with Status Via app for Android and here is the result which I tested on my Facebook profile:Facebook Status Update via iPhone 5

I do not possess and iPhone 5 but this has been made possible using Status Via Android app. Using this app you can update your Facebook status via 50 different services and/or platforms. Status Via allows you to update your Facebook status via your desired platform or web services. You can also update your Facebook status on your Android phone using Google+ though you are not using it.Status via for AndroidFake Status update source on Facebook

When you log in to Facebook using this app, you would see a button which reads “Yes (Or it is now)”. Pressing this button will show you the list of various services and platforms using which you can update your status and the chosen platform/service appears as the fake source of your update.Update Facebook status via different servcies or platforms

Status Via is compatible with all Android devices and is available in the Android market. You can download it and update your Facebook status via BlackBerry, iPhone ,Foursquare, Google+ or any other service available.

If you wish to update your Facebook status through any other device on Web, you can refer Geeky Stuffs.

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