Use Gmail as a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Client

In my previous post I had given a very easy trick on how to delete old messages in Gmail. I guess most of you would have tried it out. Obviously most of you would try it as Gmail is one of the best services from Google when email is concerned! But it would be quite difficult if you have profiles on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few more. I have mentioned these three sites in the order of their popularity. It would be much better if you have a client for all the three within Gmail. If you would love to have it, then Rapportive is for you.

Rapportive is free to be used and bring all these social networks right into your Gmail Inbox. You can install Raportive in your Browser from here.

Rapportive lets you see the information about the sender on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the right sidebar of your Gmail inbox replacing Google Ads. When it is Facebook, you can like the sender’s updates. The sender’s tweets are also shown on the right. You can reply and retweet right fro your Inbox.
Apart from this you will also see a follow button on the right near the Twitter username of the sender. This is particularly useful when you get a notification from Twitter which says that a person is following you on Twitter and you can follow them back right from your Gmail inbox.

Follow email sender from Gmail

This is one of the best social networking extension I have used and helps me keep up with my social profiles without wasting much time. Would you try it out?

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