Use Motorola Droid RAZR SD Card as Internal Memory

Being an Android user, you must be knowing how disappointing it is to know that the internal space on your phone is very less. I sometimes become very disappointed when I see devices like HTC Wildfire S and some other smartphones offering very less internal memory. In these cases, if your internal memory is completely filled up, you would not be able to install apps which require internal memory space. There are many apps which do not support installation on external memory. Well, you do not have a solution for this if you do not own a Motorola Droid RAZR. Luckily, pajn from XDA forums has found out a way to make SD card as internal memory in Motorola Droid RAZR. Let us see how and why should you do this.

Why Should You Make SD Card as Internal Memory?

The reasons I mentioned above are quite convincing to proceed with this. However, you might have also tried out custom ROMs on your Droid RAZR such as the MIUI ROM (quite beautiful it is :D) If you use the MIUI ROM, you must be knowing that the music app in MIUI does not scan your external memory. Also, the file explorer reads only internal memory. It becomes a waste if you do not have these apps to scan your external memory. Also there are applications which do not support installation or movement to SD . There is also a possibility that you may need to install apps on your internal memory and then move it to external SD card. If you do not have enough internal memory, you may see how to install apps on SD card directly without rooting.

How to Make SD Card as Internal Memory on Droid RAZR

The process is pretty simple. You just need to flash a zip file via recovery. To do this, download and flash it via recovery mode. Do not worry, this process is reversible and you may again use your SD card as external memory. To do that, just flash the to reverse the process.

via XDA

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