HOW TO View Your Facebook News Feed and Update Your Facebook Status from Google+

People are rapidly joining Google+ everyday and also loving it. Our Google+ invites prove this. But you might not like leaving Facebook forever because all your friends might not have migrated to Google+, hence making you feel lonely. So here is a way to stay in touch with Google+ and Facebook in the same window of your browser, only if it is Firefox or Chrome. You can use Google+Facebook extension for Firefox and Chrome to update your Facebook status from Google+ or to view your Facebook News Feed on Google+. If you get irritated with Facebook polls and questions, you can also check our article on getting rid from Facebook polls and questions in the news feed.
Once you install the Google+Facebook extension, you can view your Facebook News Feed on Google plus and also update your Facebook status from Google+. When you try to update your Facebook status from Google+, a new window opens where you can type “What’s on your mind”.


You can see a Facebook button next to the Home button on Google+. You can view your Facebook news feed once you click on the Facebook button. But you can not comment or like posts on your News Feed as you don’t see any option for that. The only option visible is View Post on Facebook. The News Feed also does not update on itself unless you refresh it. But I guess it would still be useful because the Facebook News Feed gets updated when you navigate between the Google+ Stream and Facebook News Feed.

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