WHSR Provides Independent WebHosting Reviews & Web Development Guide

Web Hosting is an integral part in the development of any website and hence it must be given maximum importance and attention if you have great plans with your website ahead. As it plays a vital role, you need to find the best web host for your website and this is where W.H.S.R (webhostingsecretrevealed.com) can be considered. W.H.S.R provides unbiased hosting reviews which help you in choosing the best web host for your website.

WHSR provides reviews of several web hosting companies. Jerry, the man behind WHSR signs up for a particular web hosting account, tests it and then publishes a review. This does not involve any third party outsourcing. Hence you can be sure that these are honest reviews and also quite helpful.


For instance, you can consider the FatCow review. FatCow is a provider of shared Web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option. When you read the review, you would find that the overall rating is given based on several categories. These categories includes the customer support of the company, the server uptime, their back up policy, cost of hosting and much more. Hence you could find all the information you need about a particular web host at WHSR.

Apart from the above, it also provides you with special promotions and features of the web hosting company like free $50 Adwords Credits or free $25 Yahoo! Marketing Credits. This is not all, you would also find reviews of other customers who have experienced the services of the web hosting company.

The final conclusion is given based on all the above aspects. You might also get confused with so many options available, but again it depends on how much you can spend and which hosting better suits your website. Your needs decide the type of hosting you need for your website and WHSR is the one which provides you with all the information you need about the web hosting company.

If you are a newbie who has little knowledge about web hosting kind of stuff, WHSR also provides you with simple and free guide about concepts of web hosting. These guides help you understand what a domain name, web server and other things listed in the reviews actually mean.

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