Watch Youtube Videos With Friends in Private Sessions

You can easily share YouTube videos with your friends through Social Media but it had been tough to watch YouTube videos together with your friends. Yes, it had been but it is really easy now. You can watch YouTube videos with your friends using I recently came across this web service and found it really awesome!

Watch2gether allows you to stream YouTube videos by creating a session. After you name a session, you can browse through YouTube videos and also invite your friends. A Facebook send button is available at the top right using which you can send a link to your session to your Facebook friends. A chat box is also available on the right for you to have discussions on the video.

If a friend pauses the video, it is paused for others too. If a friend switches on to some other video, it is changed for other people in the session too. To try it out, head over to Watch2gether and enter a session name.Create youtube session
After this you can search for videos or browse through some available on the left. You can also paste the link of a YouTube video to view it on Watch2gether. You can invite your friend on Facebook using the send button or send them a link to your session.


While viewing the video you can also chat with your friend simultaneously.

view youtube video with friends

You can neither queue videos to be watched later, nor you can restrict users in the session from changing or pausing the video. However, it is still good as you can invite your friends and view YouTube videos with them.

Watch2gether does not require any sign up. An alternative for this could be the Hangouts on Google+ which is possible only if you have a Google+ Account.

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