Win Ad Slots on BlogoTech [Top Commentators Award]

Hurray! I have completed 100 posts here on BlogoTech. I know I shouldn’t be selfish and I should share my happiness with my readers too and perhaps with the people who have been commenting on this Blog. And to share my happiness, I have a good news for the commentators of BlogoTech. Keep reading:

Top Commentators Award : What do you get?



  • I would allocate two 125×125 ad slots in the sidebar for the top two commentators of BlogoTech. By this, you get a chance to advertise on BlogoTech. Make sure you make an attractive ad so that you get more clicks and hence get more traffic.
  • For your benefit, I would not place and heading over the ads like “top commentators” or “adverts” as this would decrease the probability of readers clicking on your ads. You need to make the maximum comments on this Blog for a month to win the ad slot and your ads will be placed in the sidebar for a period of one month.
  • I will also publish a separate post for the Top two Commenters and will give a short bio about them or their Blog.
  • I love to make good relations with people who comment here. So when you comment here, you can surely expect comments from me on your Blog too 🙂
  • The Top Commentators Widget would show the names of commenters with maximum comments along with their number of comments.

This contest starts on 1st of April [Trust me I am not amking any April fools here :P]

Why should you comment on BlogoTech?

This might be a very common question which any commenter might ask before commenting here. Well, I bought this domain only on 29th December,2010 and I had set up BlogoTech on 1st of January, 2011. The alexa rank of this Blog was around 30 Million in the beginning. BlogoTech has reached a rank of 138K within 3 months and I hope it progresses well in future which would benefit me and also the Commentators of this Blog.

Moreover, it is a dofollow Blog, so your comments would be indexed by the search engines. By this you can also get backlinks to your own site.

Brand Your Comments

Branding of comments is an important aspect which should be considered when you comment on a Blog. If possible, you can brand your comments here so that the readers would remember your name and your Blog’s name.

Make sensible and relevant Comments

I would not approve comments like “Good one” “nice article” and similar type comments.  Such comments will be deleted instantly. Please make your comments relevant to the article. You can also make controversial comments or comments which can change the author’s mind and also you can give suggestions to the author of the post.


You must have minimum of 25 comments on BlogoTech within a month to qualify for the award. Both the commentators must have minimum 25 comments on BlogoTech.

You can send your banners to lalitindoria [at] blogotechblog [dot] com Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity of placing your ads for free on BlogoTech. Good luck!

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