HOW TO Write Unique Content in Short Time

Producing quality content on your blog must be of high priority if you wish to make your blog successful. Uniqueness is required for success but this might take time. Rome was not built in a day but it would have been much better if it could be possible 🙂 Hence writing quality articles might take time but you need to be fast at times to manage your blog with other activities. Being a student I need to concentrate on the time I could spend on writing unique articles. I need to be quick and different from others. It had been very difficult in the beginning but as time passed by, I gradually learnt how to write quality articles in short time. Here are a few tips which might help you in the same.

1. Getting ideas

Necessity is the mother of invention is a famous proverb and I could apply this to my blogging life too. Most of the tips and tricks I had written on this blog were my necessities. For example, deleting old messages in gmail was one among them and this could be the case with my readers too. This resulted in a post about it. No doubt your blog’s niche would be something which interests you. Hence, think about topics related to your blog’s niche during free time like traveling or when you are sitting idle. Try to focus more on writing evergreen content as it would get traffic to your blog for a very long period of time.

2. Map your ideas

Once you get ideas, you must write them down in a notepad. In my case I write them using my android device in the post editor itself because I’m comfortable with editing it later. However, I don’t recommend this method for everyone. You can write down your ideas in a paper or check out some chrome extension like Quick Markup for the same. Hunt for some good photos over Flickr or some other site. Divide the post into a hierarchy and try to focus on all the subjects of the topic and make sure you include everything related to your topic within the hierarchy. This will help you write the article with suitable headings. Do not make the article too long, instead write two posts with the sub headings as the title for each.

For example, few days back I decided to write about Facebook sidebar ticker. This topic had two sub-topics, 1. My personal views about the Facebook sidebar ticker and 2. How to remove Facebook sidebar ticker.

Hence, I published two posts about it and this resulted in massive traffic from Google with the keyword “Facebook sidebar ticker”. This shows that dividing the post into two helps in SEO too!

3. Write down the post

If you have a good command over your language, I don’t think this step would take much time! After you have mapped your ideas, you just need to give words to your ideas. Write down the post in paragraphs. Make sure your sentences make sense and are framed properly with proper usage of words. Make it simple and short. The order of paragraphs must be:

  1. What are you writing about
  2. Why is it important
  3. Original Content with Headings
  4. Your views about the topic

This is the order I prefer while writing down a post and also expect the same from the guest authors of BlogoTech.

4. Final Touches

Now that you are almost finished, you need to do some final touches to your post. Place at least one image within the content aligned properly as it suits the post. Give a proper title tag, alt text and image credits (if necessary). Introduce proper keywords for SEO but this should not spoil the readability of the article. Concentrating too much on SEO might make you lose faithful readers of your blog.

Try to give an attractive title. Let the title show that the post contains some mystery which is yet to be explored by your readers. Let this be the post title and give a proper meta title with keywords in it. I do not think meta description and meta keywords matter much for SEO and it is the content which matter more than these two. Interlink keywords to related posts. Avoid linking words like “here” or “click this”.

Finally, do not forget to ask for feedback. This will help you in improving yourself, gain more knowledge and if you are really good at your writing skills, a pat on your back is something you deserve from your readers.

Do I deserve a pat on my back? Let me know what you think in your comments 🙂

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