Writing Unique Articles to Become a Favorite Blogger

Unique articlesI was travelling in the bus on my way home thinking of ways to make this one month old Blog of mine a famous one, the one which people would love to read. So what could be the answer to this? There is only one way which would make people love your Blog and that is writing unique articles. Making your Blog’s article unique is something which every Blogger would wish to do including me. Writing what is already available is not a tough job unless you are aware that not many people know about it.

Unique Articles make you a Favorite Blogger

A few days back, the owner of HellBound Bloggers updated a status on Facebook which read

Don’t aim to become a famous Blogger. Become a favorite Blogger instead.

(36 likes :P)

This was a sensible statement made by him. So what makes you a favorite Blogger? Favorite Bloggers are those who can write down their unique thoughts in the form of posts in their Blog. Providing information to your readers or letting them know about various tricks is not what all readers would expect from their favorite Blogger. Uniqueness of articles is the most appealing way of making your readers come back to read your Blog.

Difference Between Successful and Favorite Bloggers

It is not necessary that a successful Blogger would be a favorite Blogger.

You can call a Blog a successful one when it achieves a high PR, gets numerous visits everyday and the list goes on. It is also possible that you get something which you wished for in a Blog which is not famous or has a lesser PageRank. So this means that being a successful Blogger doesn’t make you a favorite Blogger.

Now let me tell you the converse of my previous statement.

It is not necessary that a favorite Blogger would be a successful Blogger

I guess the converse is also true. Writing Unique articles is not the only way to make a Blog successful. If you write unique articles in your Blog about which no one knows, do you think it would be successful? There are many other factors involved in making your Blog successful. But yes, chances of becoming successful are quite high once you become a favorite Blogger. Your unique articles would obviously fetch you a good position in the search results.

What makes your articles unique?

Here are a few tips which you might consider to write unique articles

  • Try to find out information which not many people know or something which is not found even in Google (I know I’m writing something which is too tough but it is not impossible :P)
  • If you think you can not find anything which is not available in Google, then write about something which is already available but in an interesting and entertaining way. Write in way that your readers love reading the same information on your Blog and not on any other Blog.
  • Write articles which would make your readers get totally involved in your article. Do not write something which would make your readers read the first paragraph of your article and exit.
  • Give amazing ideas and tips which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Write informative posts which would not let your readers exit your Blog with questions in their mind. Mention each and every information about the topic.
  • If you write about something, make sure you have enough knowledge about the topic and you can answer any question related to that topic.
  • Connect with you readers emotionally. Your article is the medium of connection between you and your readers. So it ought to be very good for you to connect with your readers emotionally.

These points might put you in thoughts. You might wonder how would you get such an article which satisfies all the above points. It is not so tough. For example, an article about your first day’s experience in College is a unique one. All you need to do is to make it interesting and worthy to be read. I hope you agree with my logic behind becoming a favorite Blogger. Do comment and let me and the readers of BlogoTech know about your views 🙂

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