Zwiggo is a Social Network For Groups

There are quite a lot of social networks emerging these days apart from Facebook and Google+, there are networks like Diaspora, and a few more. But you would not find much difference between Diaspora and Google+ or between and Twitter. Zwiggo is completely different from all above. It is a social network for Groups which means that you share your experiences and thoughts in a group or collaboration. It’s not annoying with lots of apps and games on your home page or new feed.  All you need to do is create a “Space” and get started with a new experience. Read on to know what this “Space” means.

Creating and Sharing in Spaces

Zwiggo SpaceSpaces can also be called as Groups. You can create a new space easily by clicking on “Create New Space” after which you can install apps and add people to the space. You can also control who views this space created by you.

You can install various apps in this space, some of which include Chat, Filebox, Photos, Date Planner, Website Share, Blogger, Voting and much more. Zwiggo also allows third parties to develop their own apps. As the service grows you can expect a lot of apps to be added to your space.

How To Use Spaces

You can install different apps in different spaces and use it accordingly. For example, if you are a student, you can install a new space where you can add your classmates and install the Book app and have a discussion on it. You can not read books together, but have discussions on it.

Plan A Trip If you are planning a trip, there’s an app where everyone can vote on a date, and a map app to pick out cities. After they’ve left, they can use the photo app to share photos from the trip, and finally use the blog app to swap stories about the trip.

Chat appPublic spaces would help strangers connect with each other. To connect with fellow Bloggers, I would create a public space for Bloggers and discuss some interesting topics related to Blogging. Hence people with similar interests would join the group and this is how the network grows.Public Spaces

How is Ziggo Different from Other Social Networks?

Basically, other services are all limited to what’s already there, mostly just sharing photos and posts. Zwiggo is different because it lets you share many other things: calendars, favorite books, chats, files, bookmarks, etc. When you have apps, you can share what you like. If you do not have one, you can also create a new app on Zwiggo.

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