Top 5 Famous CMS Except of WordPress That You Should Try

Wordpress is the best content management system used for blogging. It has lots of advantages, benefits and edges over other content management systems. This explains the reason why it is used by close to hundred percent of bloggers all over the world. Therefore wordpress has lots of user base and … [Read more...]

[GIVEAWAY] Win A Premium WordPress Theme of Your Choice From Themefuse

After a long time, we are back with a giveaway for our readers that is hosted exclusively on BlogoTech. Fans of ThemeFuse should get ready to love the firm even more as they are now giving away three WordPress themes to our dedicated readers. That's right! Three lucky people will get to … [Read more...]

HOW TO Make Your WordPress Editorial Team Truly Agile

WordPress is a very well established platform. Whether it be content management systems and/or blogging platforms, it is quite clear that WordPress leads the race by a mile. There is no other CMS that can match up to WordPress in terms of popularity and ease of usage, with the added advantage of its … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Secure Your WordPress Website

Here’s ten ways to make your WordPress website or blog more secure. 1. Security plug-in One of the oldest methods of getting access to a password-protected program is by a brute force attack. This is where a computer program tries every single combination of words and characters possible. … [Read more...]

Automatically Backup Your Website/Blog to Dropbox

Most of you who read this must be Bloggers or Website owners and would be really careful in terms of website security, so am I. However, hackers don't really send you warning before hacking your website. I did publish a post few days back informing you how to prevent malicious URL requests to your … [Read more...]

Protect Your WordPress Blog From Malicious URL Requests

I had been seeing many sites infected with malicious codes or malware. Recently, a friend site was hacked by hackers from Bangladesh, however it was not a serious attack as they could inject codes only within the index.php file and could be solved easily by changing the theme of the blog. Please … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. There is a reason for its popularity. In fact there are many reasons why bloggers prefer WordPress. One of them is the choice of themes. There is a complete ecosystem which has developed around WordPress. Independent developers are creating … [Read more...]

How WordPress Security Plugin Could be the Worst Risk For Your Blog

Web security is one of the buzz words these days and there are the rightful reasons behind that. Internet, while still an open ecosystem where anyone can enjoy a stay without harming anyone else, is becoming less and less secure with each passing day. If you happen to have a website, you should be … [Read more...]

How Can Students Use WordPress to Chronicle their Career Path

The process of writing has evolved. Thanks to online publishing and blogs, blogging allows both established writers and everyday citizens to cultivate and interact with audiences regardless of their physical locations. And as an educational tool, blogs can be useful: along with giving students a … [Read more...]

Author+ WordPress Plugin Adds Extended Bio & Social Media Links to Author Pages

Do you run a multi author Blog? If yes, you might find this plugin useful. Author+ Premium Wordpress Plugin adds extended bio to your Wordpress Author Pages. The traditional author bio is what you can see at the bottom of the post, though I have removed the author description. Extended Bio is an … [Read more...]