Outlook Cookie Vulnerability Issue Leads To Account Hijacking

With Google Apps not allowing free signups anymore, I was looking forward to using Outlook to handle the email services of my yet-to-launch websites – apart from that I don’t really use any Outlook account for any communication purposes. But if you use Outlook for your business or if your … [Read more...]

HOW TO Recover from a Hacking Attack

Before you recover from a Hacking attack, you must check my previous post on how to check if your Computer has been hacked. You can apply different methods to recover from a hacking attack. This usually depends on the magnitude of infection and the files infected. Let me share a personal tip with … [Read more...]

HOW TO Check If Your PC Has Been Hacked

The Microsoft Calling Scam Have you ever heard of the Microsoft Calling scam which was a hot story in the news a few months back? If not, let me tell you what it actually is. A person calls you and asks for you by naming you  posing as computer security pros from legitimate companies, companies … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s YouTube Channel Hacked!

UPDATE: Microsoft seems to have taken control over their channel again. It was not long back that Sylvester Michael Johnson, a friend of mine contacted me on Facebook reporting that Microsoft's Official YouTube channel has been hacked. Below I will be providing you with some screenshots of how the … [Read more...]

Facebook Might be Destroyed on November 5 : Anonymous

Facebook’s destruction might be a shocking title for you, but it is not me who says that it will be destroyed, it is “Anonymous” who says it! Anonymous is a hacktivist group which is responsible for attacks on Pentagon, News Corp and 70 other law enforcement sites. This group vows to destroy … [Read more...]

How To Prevent Automatic Reboot After Windows Update

Even wondered how your computer got restarted when you weren't there right in front of it? This is because Windows has downloaded some important updates and restarted automatically. You can also turn off automatic updates in Windows which is discussed at the end of this post. Windows actually … [Read more...]

Google Apps Related to Expired Domains Can Be Hacked: Security Breach

I was going through TechCrunch when I just came across a post which explains how expired domains related to other online accounts such as Google Apps can grant access to your private information. This was found out by British developer and hacker Ben Reyes who wrote a post about it. Thanks to Reyes … [Read more...]

Android Users’ Private Data can be Hacked [ALERT]

Do you own an Android handset? If yes, you could be one among those 99% people whose private data can be accessed. This personal data leakage problem in android handsets has been found out by researchers at the University of Ulm, in Germany who found out that devices running on an Android version … [Read more...]