Arc XP ROM for LG Optimus Me P350

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I had been receiving emails and messages lately from people who say that they were disappointed after they bought LG Optimus Me P350 as it was slow or had some or the other issues. But this phone has seen a lot of development these days. LG has provided you with Froyo and the developers have given you Gingerbread via CyanogenMod, Honeycomb ROM and ICS which is in development. Also, you now have a UI which is similar to that of Xperia phones. The Cosmic Experia is a best example of that. And now here is an addition to the list which should had been posted here long back but we post only about fully functional ROMs. The Arc XP ROM is now fully functional, ready to be served through the ClockworkMod Recovery directly into your LG Optimus Me P350.

Don’t get me wrong, I used the word ClockworkMod Recovery instead of Custom Recovery. Check out how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus Me and the advantages of using CWM over Custom Recovery here.

I now assume that you have ClockworkMod Recovery 5 on your phone. Let us now have a look at the features and screen captures of Arc XP ROM with the steps to install on Page 2.

Features of Arc Xp ROM

  • Based on CM7.2.0 Nightly.
  • Framework edited.
  • 3G Turbochanger ADDED
  • Kickasskernel ADDED
  • V6 Superchanger ADDED
  • V1.3 BUG FIXED
  • Script App2SD Darktremor

Screen Captures of Arc Xp ROM

Arc XP on LG Optimus Me P350    



Please note that the widget I am using is Beautiful widgets which does not come along with this ROM. I really like beautiful widgets 😉

Watch Arc Xp ROM in Action

The Steps to install this ROM are on Page 2.

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  • Manju


    One doubt can i use the old method of installing custom ROM as i’m not interested to take risk with CWM. please suggest.

    • Yes you can do that, but you can not restore all apps and data at once. You have to restore them one by one!

  • sameer

    i have done but when phone off wdithout shuttingdown there is problem no on just dhang in lighting

  • Danjo

    Hi there, i was trying to install Arc XP ROM on my lg p350 but i cant seem to find where the download link for the zip fileis . after clicking on the downloads page, it redirects me to another page wherein the zip file is nowhere to be found. please help.

  • Dan

    What do you prefer using? CM Invasion ROM or Arc XP ROM?

    • It purely depends on your needs. Arc XP is more stable though!

  • Dan Alelojo

    Any idea why WIFI has error on it and “Add WIFI Network” is grayed out?

  • Prasanna

    which rom is the best for gaming for p350 plz rplay fast i hav tried cm 7.2 and perfect peso but not so speedy games crashes in both rom

  • SYIH

    WIFI fix isn’t working, is there any other WIFI fix?

  • riza

    bro it gets stuck at boot image the red eyeball kinda thing pls help

  • joseph

    link for Arc Xp V1.2? Thank you

  • PP

    where is play store?????

  • spablo88

    hi, mi phone stuck on boot red logo animation, do i need to wipe cache partition or dalvik? Thanks