ASTRO File Manager Brings Personalized Themes & Cloud Backup [Update]

ASTRO File Manager, a well known Android app has now crossed 19 million downloads on the Android Market and has released an update with some awesome features and Honeycomb Support. For those who don’t know about ASTRO File Manager, perhaps who are new to Android, ASTRO File Manager helps organize your pictures, music, videos and other files. Let us see what the new update version 3.0 has for Android users.

Themes of Different Colors

I personally did not like the old look of ASTRO which had the traditional look of yellow folders with no option to customize it but I’m sure after the release of this update, the Ruby red icon sets on my phone look pretty cool. There are a few themes of different icon sets available for you which can be downloaded to your phone after which the app would restart with the new theme. The screenshots below would provide you with better info about these themes.

ASTRO File Manager Themes 1ASTRO File Manager Themes

Cloud Backup

This requires you to register for a free ASTRO Backup account using which you can back up your apps or files and never lose them even if you lose or change your Android Device. This is pretty helpful if you wish to change your Android phone and wish to retain the apps you already have. Not many details about this feature have been revealed yet. However if you wish to use the Cloud Storage feature, you can sign up using the link below. Registration is pretty simple and you just need to enter your email address.

A few more noticeable changes include a better UI with some enhancements in the picture and text viewer and support for Honeycomb.

ASTRO For Honeycomb

Register for ASTRO Back Up Account

Download ASTRO File Manager

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