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Top 7 Best Social Media Apps for Android

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In the modern world, social media has truly taken its place as a genuine part of our lives.  I should know: I went without Facebook for a few months back in 2009 and missed three parties!  Whether it’s Zuckerberg’s masterpiece, Twitter or the blogging world, social is everywhere.  Fortunately,

Download Google Drive APK File

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Google Drive is a useful product from Google which has been in the news sometime from now. It lets you create docs and also store files online. Gogole Drive is assumed to be a strong competitor of SkyDrive which is a product of Microsoft. After Google’s introduction of Google

4 Best Android Lock Screen Replacement Apps

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I own an LG Optimus Me P350 and I really do not like the lock screen that comes with LG’s stock firmware and hence I used some lock screen replacement apps. Later, I rooted my phone and applied some custom ROMs which have really good lock screens. However, there

Control Music on Android When Screen is Locked

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I often listen to Music on my Android phone and not on the Music Player while I am travelling. The reason is I could perform all other tasks on my Android phone and listen to Music at the same time. However, if your phone’s screen is locked and you

Top 5 Best Fingerprint Scanner Apps For Android Mobiles

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Android Smartphone have too many features to be included in the list of favorites. Fingerprint lock application is another in list. It is one of the best ways to get your phone secured. The Android phones coming now are outfitted with the fingerprint scanning lock screen. However the secret

Recover Changed IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S2

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Custom ROMs are great as they provide you with many customization options and a better interface which the stock firmware does not provide. You can therefore not resist, but take up the risk to flash the ROMs. But did you notice that your IMEI gets changed when you flash

Why Google Currents is the Best App for Android, iPad and iPhone

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Technology Makes the World Go Round The world today is more technologically advanced than we could have even imagined twenty years ago. Our grandparents couldn’t have imagined such devices that we carry with us everywhere and that keep us connected to someone across the globe with the click of

Get Ice Cream Sandwich Camera on Android 2.2/2.3

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As we had been posting from the past few months about Ice Cream Sandwich, you would have noticed that a lot of devices have received an ice Cream Sandwich ROM. While most of them were custom ROMs, there were a few devices which had received Ice Cream Sandwich update

Google Chrome Arrives on Android [Video]

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Google has been taking steps to unify Android design (like the Ice Cream Sandwich) with web and the latest news about this is that Google Chrome is now available on the Android Market, though it is in the beta stage! Sadly, it is available only for Ice Cream Sandwich

Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photos on Android Using Facebook Timeline Covers App

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As of now, most of you would have switched to the Facebook timeline and even if you didn’t want to, Facebook would have rolled out the timeline automatically to you, though I still see some Indian users having the old profile. Anyway, since most of you have the new