Recover Changed IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S2

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Custom ROMs are great as they provide you with many customization options and a better interface which the stock firmware does not provide. You can therefore not resist, but take up the risk to flash the ROMs. But did you notice that your IMEI gets changed when you flash the custom ROMs? This happens when the EFS folder in the root folder of your phone gets changed. The IMEI stored in the “.nv_data” file in ORIGINAL SHIPPED EFS folder.

The process of recovering your IMEI on Samsung Galaxy SII involves, backing up .nv_data file and restoring the one which comes with the stock firmware.You can do this manually using the method posted by vaskodogamagmail which can be found here.

If you do not wish to do it manually, you can use this simple application by Helroz.

GSII_repair is an app which lets you recover your IMEI on your Samsung Galaxy S2 easily.

Recover IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy SII    recover IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S2

You can install this application from Google Play from the link given at the end of the post. Open the app and select Save actual EFS folder. You can also backup your current EFS folder using this app.

Download GSII_Repair

  • ankit prajapati

    when i tried to delet efs folder. its give me error that this is system folder, cant deleted

    • The application which I have mentioned above didn’t work for you?

  • ankit prajapati

    hello sir, i dont knw if its working.

    coz i cant delete efs so, stuked in center.

  • ankit prajapati

    To anyone who might be interested, I have fixed the problem.

    i hv tried evrything but none is useful as below.
    its to simple. no more headache at all

    I had to root the phone, and install Busybox. Then I installed an app called GSII_Repair. In the app, theres an option to ‘Mount EFS on RW’. I did this, and after rebooting, it works! Back on the network, and now the IMEI number can be viewed again!

  • ok bu what do you do, when you DONT have your EFS folder at all? what do you do when the EFS folder you have is a already corrupted efs folder with no more baseband on stock, or custom rom ? how to ge tback your original IMEI ?