[Giveaway] 20 Audials Moviebox License Keys Worth $25 Each to First 20 Guest Authors

Apart from offering 2 dofollow links in the author bio, we have decided to offer a little more to our guest authors and that is the Audials Moviebox License key which will be given to the first 20 guest authors of the month December, 2011. This is not a contest but it’s only to honor our guest authors hopefully to encourage them and keep this community growing and expanding πŸ™‚ Only those articles which have unique and useful content and that match the niche of BlogoTech will be published. If you are new to this, you can register as Guest Author on BlogoTech Read on to know more about Audials Moviebox.

What is Audials Moviebox?

After trying it personally, I can make the description short as a less expensive software to manage all your entertainment needs.

Audials Movie Box is the least expensive software to archive purchased DVD movies and to convert movies and programs that were purchased online or recorded from Video on Demand sites or from your television with set-top-boxes into the right format for your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Features of Audials Moviebox

Audials Moviebox offers quite a good range of features. Let us see what it has to offer you:

Rip, record & copy DVD movies

DVD Ripper

If you have purchased a DVD and wish to play it on your smartphone or any other device, you can use the Audials DVD Ripper to re-record your DVDs and save them in the optimal file format for your device which is optimized at the correct resolution. Audials copies unprotected DVD immediately and save the copies in any desired file format.

Well, is that illegal? No, not at all. Making private-use-only copies is totally legal and you can do that using Audials Moviebox. The approach is legal because the re-recording process doesn’t compromise the original files or their copy protection. As long as you’re in possession of the original DVDs and don’t share your private copies with anyone, you can archive and convert your films as desired and enjoy them on all of your devices.

Record movies & TV series from Video-on-demand

Record TV Shows

Sometimes, you might wish to record TV shows rather than watching them online. (Check out ways to watch TV shows online) Audials Moviebox converts TV recordings into the TS video format for any playback device, and lets you enjoy your files whenever and wherever you want.

Download & record Internet videos

When it is YouTube, it is quite easy to download YouTube videos, but when it is some other video service, you need to struggle a little. But it’s quite easy with Audials Moviebox. You can record or download any video on the internet easily and also convert them to a range of video formats available.


A few more features include:

  • Transfer Music, Videos & Movies to Cloud
  • Sort Media collection, add tags & song lyrics
  • Fill Smartphones & mobile devices with Media
  • Convert Video files for PCs & portable devices
  • Playback Music, Videos & Movies

You can also connect with Audials on their Facebook Page.

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