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No doubt most of you would be addicted to Facebook, as it is the biggest social network which, according to one of our guest authors is at a risk of going the way of MySpace after Google+ has emerged. However, many of them would still stick to Facebook and they would be happy to know that Facebook has released its official messenger for Android and iOS. There have been many third party apps which offer you Facebook chat but using those applications might cost you some spams in your email id 😉 Facebook’s official application is out and is free to be downloaded from the Android Market or iTunes [Download links at the end of the post]

Facebook messenger sign in Facebook messages

Facebook Messenger allows you access your Facebook messages along with chat. Apart from this, it allows group messaging, location integrati0n with messages, mobile notifications and it allows you to attach photos to your messages. The best part of the Facebook messenger is that it not only allows you to send messages to your Facebook friends, but it also allows you to send messages to people in your contacts list who are not on Facebook. When you send messages to people who are not on facebook, they would receive an SMS from some random number. Hence, Facebook messenger will also serve as an app for free SMS on Android and iOS.

Tag location

The tiny blue arrow in the app allows you to tag your location in Messages. You can share map locations and find people who are in your vicinity. Apart from this you can also sync contacts from other networks and send messages to your friends in other networks. SUch messages might be sent as SMS, email or a notification based on the preference of the recipient. Hopefully, Facebook chat would now be much better on mobile. You can find the download links below:

Download Facebook Messenger for Android

Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

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