Download Premium Android Apps for Free on GetJar Gold

GetJar is a well known third party mobile application store which offers quite wonderful apps. GetJar has now launched the GetJar Gold service using which you can download Premium Android apps for free of cost. You can also download premium android apps from Amazon as they offer “app of the day”, but it is time-limited unlike GetJar Gold.

GetJar Gold currently features 50 titles which includes high quality ad-free apps including Fruit Ninja THD, Age of Zombies, TuneIn Radio Pro, Solo, and Splashtop Remote Desktop. The value of these apps as a combination is $60. New apps will be added to GetJar Gold on daily basis.

Download Premium Android Apps for free

How is it Different from Android Market?

When a developer develops a premium application for Android and submits it to the Android Market, the developer shares the revenue generated with the app store provider in a  70/30 (developer/app store) split. But it is different with GetJar as they pay the developer on per-install basis. GetJar in turn gets paid by offering sponsored listings to app developers.

The sponsored listings are similar to the way Google Adsense works. Developers bid per-install and the highest bidder gets a better position in the search results. The sponsored apps are also shown in a different background and are highlighted.

Only premium applications without in-app ads are allowed in GetJar Gold. As this works out in a better fashion, Android users can now enjoy using premium apps without paying anything. So what are you waiting for? Head over to GetJar Gold and download premium Android apps now.

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