Facebook Undergoes a Massive Change: Introduces Scheduled Posts And Page Admin Controls

Yes, it did happen just a few minutes back that Facebook has introduced two MOST IMPORTANT controls that you might have been expecting from a long time (I did obviously).

A few minutes back, I just read my friend Kim’s blog post which informed me about the breaking news and I thought I could share it with my readers too. The two features that Facebook has just introduced are the Scheduled posts and Administrative Controls for Facebook Pages.

Facebook’s Scheduled Posts Feature

This was something I had been waiting for. Some updates are time dependent. You must also post your Page’s updates when most people see them. But you may forget it at a later point of time, or you may not have access to the network to post it on your page. For example, when you are travelling. This feature proves to be useful in such situations.

This feature is not yet active for us, so thanks to Kim for the screenshot!



Administrative Control For Facebook Pages

Administrative controls for Facebook pages lets the administrator appoint people to different posts and let them perform selective roles. These roles are given in the image below:


The following image shows you how you can assign roles to different people.

Facebook page manager

Regarding the Administrative controls, it must have been a huge relief for people who lost their pages just because an admin of their page did not prove to be trustworthy! We did mention about this a few months back and the response from several people did show their disappointment against Facebook. This update will obviously not get them their page back but will surely help the current administrators of the page.

Change is necessary for survival and perhaps this is something Facebook believes in. This is the reason for the introduction of Timeline for Users and Pages and now yet another update for the benefit of the users. Obviously these updates would boost up Facebook’s reputation among its followers and would also prove to be a matter of worry for Google and other social media companies. What are your thoughts about these updates of Facebook?

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