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How Monitoring Apps Can Provide Security To Your Smartphone?

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It is very important to protect your smartphone as it is like a mini computer that contains essential private and business data. So, it is indeed worth taking few preventive steps to secure your smartphones. Most individuals do not feel the importance of safeguarding their smartphones, but it is

Customizing the “Via” Part of Facebook Status Update & How it Could Affect Brands

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We have already discussed about how to post your Facebook Status update customizing the “via” part followed by a device name. It could be anything like iPhone, Android, Blackberry or something else which you may not own. I did not know how it worked unless I came across a

Facebook Undergoes a Massive Change: Introduces Scheduled Posts And Page Admin Controls

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Yes, it did happen just a few minutes back that Facebook has introduced two MOST IMPORTANT controls that you might have been expecting from a long time (I did obviously). A few minutes back, I just read my friend Kim’s blog post which informed me about the breaking news

10 SEO Tips to Take Your Store To The Top Positions in Google

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1. Panda Google is your friend, do not fear Google Panda, one of the latest changes in search engine indexing algorithm, find that only sites with content quality remain at the top, so do your best for your business worthy of belonging  the select group: Give priority to spelling and do not

Unblock US-Only YouTube Videos Using ProxTube

I could see this while trying to watch a video few days back and no wonder even you would have seen similar screen while trying to watch a video on YouTube. The reason is that YouTube gives publishers an option to restrict the videos to some countries. So when

Make Facebook Chat Show Only Online Friends

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Facebook had been undergoing changes after the introduction of Ticker, Timeline and the Facebook chat which had changed over a period of time. Facebook chat now appears inline with the ticker and it shows your friends in two categories. The friends at the top are those with whom you

A Noob’s Guide to Rooting & Benefits of Rooting

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Perhaps it is quite late to post this after so many rooting tutorials on this blog but better late than never. I decided to post this after I received a lot of comments from people asking me what is rooting and what are the advantages of rooting. Also we

HOW TO Root HTC Sensation/Sensation XE Running Ice Cream Sandwich

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HTC phones don’t really come with a lot of internal memory and you may like to remove some system apps which you would not use. These system apps can be uninstalled only if you have Titanium Backup on your phone and this application requires root access. So before you

HOW TO Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

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Samsung Galaxy Y has been announced recently and is obviously a low end Android phone, similar to LG Optimus Me P350. It’s a budget phone which comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with 3 inch Capacitive Display. It has a faster processor of 823 MHz which you might not get

HOW TO Root LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update

Check out more than 60 custom ROMs for LG Optimus Me P350 on Hack My Android Forums. LG Optimus Me P350 is a low end Android phone with not very good performance. I own one but I’m not pretty happy with its performance but it does its job considering