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Facebook had been undergoing changes after the introduction of Ticker, Timeline and the Facebook chat which had changed over a period of time. Facebook chat now appears inline with the ticker and it shows your friends in two categories. The friends at the top are those with whom you communicate quite often. The friends seen below these under “More Online Friends” are those who are online but with whom you don’t communicate much.

The upper list of your close friends shows fixed number of friends (perhaps 8) and the names would often change when yet another friend comes online. You may not like to see the names of friends who are not online but this can prove helpful sometimes to send messages while they are offline.

This trick will help you see only online friends on Facebook chat. This will ensure that you don’t miss out any new friends who might be seen in the list below under “More Online Friends”. Facebook sometimes tried to enhance your social experience but this becomes inconvenient to a few users.

To hide offline friends on Facebook chat, you need to hide offline friends. This can be done if you are on the Chrome Browser, thanks to the plenty of Extensions available on the Chrome Webstore. The extension about which we are talking now is Facebook chat fix.

Head over to the link mentioned at the end of the post and install this extension on your Chrome browser.

As shown, this extension will be able to access your data on After you click on Install, the extension will be installed in your Browser. Let us now see the change in Facebook chat.



hide offline friends on facebook chat

A few changes which you would observe is that the ticker disappears. I did not expect that to happen, however you can view the ticker when you minimize the chat window. The ticker appears above the events list occupying a very small area on the page. If you don’t like the ticker, you also have the button to hide the Facebook ticker.

Hide Facebook Ticker

You can use this extension if you do not want to see the Facebook ticker constantly or if you wish to see your online friends occasionally. The category division of Online friends would still exist.

Share your views about this extension in the comments section and install this extension from the link below.

Link: Facebook Chat Fix | Chrome Webstore
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