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I sometimes regret for choosing a domain for BlogoTech. I loved but it was not available. The name of the site had to be BlogoTech and hence I had to go for I regret that I didn’t try searching for a better domain using a site like I found it really useful if you wish to buy a new domain for your site (or) blog. makes it very easy for you to find and register domains easily, thanks to its integration with domain registrars and expired domains services.

When you search for a domain on pcNames, you can find which domains are available, for sale and taken. Based on this, you can select your domain. For example, if I search for iphone jailbreak, the search results appear as in the image below:Domain Name Search & Instant Availability Check

You can also find some premium domains listed below along with their cost. If you do not wish to buy a premium domain, you can find some domain suggestions at the right. This helps you choose a better domain for your site.Domain suggestions

After you have selected your domains, you can add them to an onscreen cart and select a registrar. Doing this will add your domains to the carts in the Registrar you have chosen automatically. Right now, it supports GoDaddy, Yahoo! Domains and Network Solutions.

Apart from all this, pcNames also provides you with reviews of various domain registrars. You can find the ratings of all registrars. Any visitor can vote for a registrar. The reviews are quite reliable and provide you with complete information about the registrars. The service also offers you with some useful articles like how to create a NameServer, what is DNS look up and much more.

If you wish to buy a domain name, make sure you find a good one using

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