Guest Authors of BlogoTech: August 2011

We have recently published the top 10 stories of August, 2011. The list contains the best articles based on the amount of traffic received. As we climb up the ladder of becoming a web community, we would now like to highlight the guest authors of BlogoTech in the month of August, 2011. We have published 41 articles in the previous month out of which 12 were guest articles. Following are the guest authors of BlogoTech for the month of August 2011.

guest authors of BlogoTech

1.Usman NasirUsman is the co-owner of Firsthosting, a company that provide cheap Shared, Reseller and alpha master reseller Hosting since 2007 and love to do their work.

Article Written: Simple Ways To Do SEO Quick

2.Lauren Bailey: Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for best online colleges.

Article Written: HOW TO Protect Your SmartPhone

3.Nan King: Nan King, a tech geek and environmentalist at heart, is an advocate of internet marketing strategies and the use of an email marketing company which is permission based.

Article Written: Facebook At A Risk Of Going The Way Of MySpace? [Google+ Threat]

4.Kevin Moor: Kevin Moor started to write back in the days when he had to go to college. Since then, he realized that Internet marketing is his calling. His interest turned into a profession, so now you can read his articles. Also he writes for, a site emphasizing on how to speed up computer.

Article Written: 5 Useful Social Media Tips To Promote Your Business Online

5.Tim: Tim is a lover of anything geeky and tech.

Article Written: Why Should You Prefer Tablet PCs To NetBooks And Laptops? [Tablet PC Revolution]

5.Paul: Paul’s company aims at helping companies with their online marketing, including bringing more traffic and sales.

Article Written: 5 Brand Building Tips For Your Business Website

6. James: James is a writer and internet marketer for Comcast internet. He blogs about social media, entertainment, and anything else he thinks is cool.

Article Written: HOW TO Engage Your Blog Visitors

7.Andy: Andy works for TME, an ever-growing family-run web design company, Web Design from TME is perfect for those looking for an inspirational website with easy to use content management.

Article Written: Importance Of Affiliates For Your Business

8.Sera Filson: Sera Filson is an Asst. SEO Project Manager, writer, entrepreneur and professional student who’s currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Management. She manages her busy life by staying organized with Outlook, which uses Intermedia’s Exchange Hosting.

Article Written: Review Of The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Release

9.Arba Hana: Arba Hana Hana is a tech and travel enthusiast, and when she’s not traveling, she works as a timeshare expert and writer. Currently, she’s working for sell my timeshare and timeshare resales .

Article Written: Tablet Wars – The Top 5 Brands In The Market

10. Praveen Sivaraman: Praveen has been a regular contributor of BlogoTech and has written 5 articles for us.

Article Written: 5 Ways To Get 100+ New Subscribers Everytime You Guest Blog

11.Jey Raul: Jey specializes in writing about search engine marketing and social media; he enjoys playing World of Warcraft or reading books when he’s not finding new ways to do online marketing. He is also interested about phone deals and contract phone.

Article Written: 6 Critical Bugs In Iphone 4

12.Michael Chibuzor: Michael Chibuzor is a Freelance Writer, SEO Expert and E-cover Designer. If you need well written articles and guest posts, why not hire him. He can be reached via my personal blog at

Article Written: Best Twitter Marketing Tools To Promote Your Blog

My sincere thanks to all the Guest Authors of BlogoTech. If you wish to write for us, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post.

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