HOW TO Install BancetDEV Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

The Creed Custom ROM was a good one for Samsung Galaxy Y users, however, you had to flash another zip file along with that ROM else your notification bar would be gone. It also had some bugs, which the users had reported in their comments. Well, here is yet another ROM from the very famous sammobile. The ROM has been dubbed as the BancetDEV Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y and is based on DXKJ3 rom. You can flash this ROM if you haven’t been satisfied with Creed Custom ROM and hopefully, we will be posting more custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y.

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To begin with, let us see what changes have been made:


  • DT Apps2SD pre-installed.
  • Rooted
  • init.d subsystem.
  • Re-odexed (optional) and zipaligned for speed and save space in /data.
  • Added busybox and sqlite3.
  • Updated/added AdwEx, Quickboot
  • Removed unwanted apps (Swype)
  • Supported languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, English (Philippines), English (UK), English (US), Tieng Viet, Thai, Korean and Mandarin.

According to sammobile, there is no bug in this ROM, if you find any, please let us know and we will pass the same to the developers!

install BancetDEV custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y



  • Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. If you have rooted your phone, you can use Titanium Backup for the same.
  • Back up all contacts and Messages to your SD card.
  • Have minimum 60% charge on your phone.


  1. Samsung USB Drivers & Odin
  2. Download BANCETDEV_DXKJ3_13 ROM and PIT File.

The steps to install BancetDev Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y are on Page 2.

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  • sandeep

    hi lalit
    I want to know what happens if the above rom did’t work or aborted during Installation Is there any dead risk of device during installing Of rom
    and wats the procedure of getting back the orignal rom for getting warranty back

    • You will have to download and flash the stock ROM. I am guiding one of our readers to flash this ROM. It must be successful and I will let you know the result!

  • sandeep

    hiiiiiiiiiii lalit
    the drivers u given in the link does’t support my device, will the original driver of samsung kies will work on flashing …???
    what is that PDA where to download it and also the Odin is not same as shown in screen shot…….help me

    • Yes, KIES will do the job of installing drivers. Also, you can use older version of Odin like v1.83. This would not make much change, but I am suggesting an older version for your convenience. PDA is a button in Odin!

  • hi, lalit. i fully upgrade SGY from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 but ive notice the tone when i turn on my device is missing.. and the samsung logo stock up to 30sec. unlike using 2.3.5

    • That was an official update, so nothing to worry about!

    • i think my unit goes slower then before.. can i downgrade it as 2.3.5?

    • Yes, I hope you had made a nandroid back up which can be flashed back, or else download the stock ROM and flash it in the same way!

  • sandeep

    hii lalit
    i have flashed successfull this rom but this is not so much diffrent from default rom can i flash ice cream sandwich on my device through this way..
    thanks for the help
    really thanku very much..sir.

  • sandeep

    hiiii lalit
    here i a problem with this balancet rom it does’support netfilter on firewall activation an error comes as(ur operating kernal does not support netfilter)
    so can u suggest a custom row which actually support netfillter..

  • tejas

    can it work on indian firmware Ddla1….you said it is based on dxkj3 that is why i am asking..will it change my current baseband number

    • It is based on DXKJ3 but it can work on DDLA1 too! Yes, the baseband number will be changed!

  • sandeep

    where to download stock rom for galaxy y…

  • kent

    soooooo thank you bancetdev rom…thank you to thOSE developers , to this blog/website owner ,, every one who made this possible….I JUST FIXED MY SOFT BRICKED SAMSUNG GALAXY Y (IT HANGS-UP AT THE LOGO SCREEN WHEN BOOTING) BUT AFTER I INSTALLED THIS CUSTOM ROM IT FIXES ALL…THANK YOU SOO MUCH

  • Derp

    Can I run this rom with my android 2.3.6
    or do i have to have Android 2.3.5?

  • keithbads

    yes…tnk u alot..

  • shaurav

    when i turn the mobile into odin mode, it does not respond to the computer after coneecting it through the usb

    • If your computer does not respond, you must free up some space or kill some apps!

    • shaurav

      i found out that the odin mode provided through this webpage doesnot work properly, i found odin3v1.83 which works properly!

  • johan1345

    podrian incorporar otro idioma como español latino

  • Thivi

    my internet stop working any idias

    • Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks and enter the APN details!

  • i instal chainfire 3d in galaxy young now my phone not start how flash the rom in galaxy y now please tell me quickly . Thank you

    • Boot into recovery and select Wipe>Wipe all data/factory reset and then flash this ROM as mentioned above in the tutorial!

  • Sbi freedom apps is nmt workin. What should i do?

  • Abhay

    is rooting necessary to install this custom rom ?

  • Abhay

    how to remove bancetDev rom from my galaxy y??

  • SoftBrickedAndroid

    Sir Lalit, please help me.. :'(

    i tried to install a custom kernel and i think that i missed a step. now when i boot my SGY, it is stuck on the samsung logo. what should i do? can you help me fix this. it’s my on phone and i dont want to throw it away. igoogle said that it was “softbricked”. it cant go to recovery mode, but can go to downloading mode. can you help mr Sir Lalit.

    thank you in advance. :'(