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CyanogenMod 9 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

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CyanogenMod 9 is being ported to quite a lot of Android devices and a good news for Samsung Galaxy Fit owners is that they now have ICS for their device which has been compiled using the CyanogenMod 9 source code. So now Samsung Galaxy Fit users can taste ICS

Official Ice Cream Sandwich For AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717 Leaked

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It seems like either Samsung or AT&T could not keep up the secret and spilled out the beans some how. Yes, this time it is for Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717. Rootzwiki has leaked out ICS for Samsung Galaxy Note and has also tested it, tweaked it a little for

ICS Aura ROM For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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There are quite a lot of custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y but the most famous custom ROMs Cyanogenmod and MIUI have not yet been compiled. However these custom ROMs perform really well on Galaxy Y. In this post we will see yet another custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy

Get ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Y

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Samsung Galaxy Y has been seeing a lot of development these days. However, there has been no CyanogenMod or MIUI ROM for Galaxy Y but there are many custom ROMs out there which work really well, have bloatware removed with a cool UI. But the installation of these ROMs

XWLP3 Based Thebyani ICS ROM for Galaxy S2

XWLP3 is the official Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 and there are a few custom ROMs that are based on this official firmware. Custom ROMs would have the bloatware removed and would have a better performance. Since these ROMs are based on official firmwares, they are

Darky ROM Ice Cream Sandwich [Theme] For Samsung Galaxy Note

We had been covering a lot of Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for various devices while we just mentioned 2 in the past for Samsung Galaxy Note. But here is a really beautiful Ice Cream Sandwich themed ROM for Galaxy Note. I this tutorial we will tell you how to

HOW TO Root Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679

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Samsung Exhibit 4G is an Android phone for people who wish to enjoy 4G speed but can not pay much. I don’t like its design but it is good if you wish to use 4G. In this tutorial we will tell you how to root this android phone in

SkyRocket ICS Ported to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

We know that Samsung is rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich Updates to Galaxy S2 devices all over the world. However, the updates are being rolled out based on location starting from Europe where the official XXLPQ was released and later developers had ported it to the international Galaxy S2

Unofficial CyanogenMod 7 Ported to Samsung Galaxy Precedent

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The AreaROM for Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a stable Gingerbread ROM. However what can beat CyanogenMod? CyanogenMod ROMs are the best custom ROMs for any Android device, MIUI being the next popular ones. The Area 51 Group has successfully ported CyanogenMod 7.1 to Samsung Galaxy Precedent. Please note that

AreaRom for Samsung Galaxy Precedent

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While we cover quite a lot of Android devices and their ROMs, we just missed out Samsung Galaxy Precedent. But we are finally back to our Precedent readers with a Gingerbread treat. Samsung Galaxy Precedent runs on Android 2.2 Froyo but thanks to The Area 51 Group for compiling