My Blogging Experience of Completing 100 Posts and Bringing Up BlogoTech

Blogging Journey of 100 postsI had recently completed 100 articles and announced the Top Commentators Award for my readers. This post will explain what I had learned after I had finished writing 100 articles on BlogoTech. I will be writing about how I brought up BlogoTech from 30 Million Alexa Rank to 132K rank within 3 months. I hope this post helps some Novice Bloggers in bringing up their Blog just as how I did.

Something which amazed me

I never knew what a Blog is. As a normal Internet user, I used to search for some topics and read some Blogs though I was unaware of the efforts Bloggers put in to drive traffic to their Blog. As I was addicted to Facebook, I used to access it everyday. One day when I accessed I could see some of my senior’s Blog updates in the Facebook News Feed.

While going through the News Feed, I could see that one of my senior has interviewed another senior on his Blog. Well, It was Sandeep Singh from Techfreak Blog who had interviewed Pradeep Kumar from HellBound Bloggers, both of them being my seniors. It was then that I realized what a Blog is.

Started Blogging through GPRS

After knowing what a Blog is, I was very much attracted towards Blogging and I decided to set up a Blog of my own. Unfortunately I had no broadband connection as we had shifted to some other area within Chennai. But nothing could stop me from Blogging, I had my GPRS enabled phone. I connected it to the computer and started my Blog, Surf Your Interests [a multi niche Blog] on Blogger. I had always been fond of dates and so I started it on 20.10.2010 [20th October, 2010]. As expected, I could hardly get around 7kbps of speed through GPRS but still I wrote 28 articles in the first month. After 1 month I got my Broadband connection and migrated to WordPress.

Getting a domain

After migrating to WordPress, I could add more functionality to my Blog but I realized later that multi niche Blogs would not work and I had to remove around 14 articles to make my Blog a Technology Blog and named it as BlogoTech. I gained 100 fans by the end of December. I bought the domain on 29th December and I set up this Blog on 0fees on the first day of this year, 2011. I later bought hosting from


Most of you would not like this domain and I myself didn’t like it when I bought it. But I didn’t want to lose the 100 fans which I had gained for the Business page of BlogoTech as I could not change the name of the page from BlogoTech to something else. Hence I had to buy, though I was unsatisfied with it. Domain name still doesn’t affect a Blog’s progress and when it comes to SEO, I guess the domain name is too good for a Blogging and Technology Blog.

Bringing up BlogoTech from 3 Million to 132K Alexa Rank

BlogoTech was at a rank of 3 Million in the initial stage. I didn’t know about it till few days back when one of my friend who monitored my Blog’s Alexa Rank informed me. In February, I started noticing my Blog’s Alexa rank and I would notice it everyday in the Google Toolbar when I opened my Blog and I was quite happy to see that it kept increasing everyday and it is still increasing with a margin of 5K to 10K per day. Today it is at 132K, you wonder how? Keep reading.

Concentrating on SEO and Blog Design

I used to get maximum traffic from Facebook, and those who visited my Blog were my friends who actually loved my Blog [as told by them :P]. A traffic of 20 to 30 visitors per day was obviously not enough to come up to this rank, so what could be the key? Yes, it was Google. I knew that I need to bring up my Blog in search results to increase traffic. I started reading Search Engine Optimization Blogs and spent much time in using appropriate keyword for each post. The result of this was too good and I started receiving maximum traffic from Google. The result was:

search trafficI had made it a habit to post at least 1 article everyday. After all, Search Engines love Blogs that are updated frequently, so why not keep the frequency high?

I struggled with the design in the beginning. I had tried out more than 50 themes on my Blog and finally I ended up using Thesis. As I am an Electronics Student, I don’t have much knowledge about PHP and CSS which I learned later by reading some designing Blogs. Thesis is the most easily customizable Theme, and so I customized it on my own and luckily it was liked by many people.

Where did I lack?

Mistakes While BloggingGuest Posting is very essential in Blogging and this is something which I didn’t concentrate on. I had just written 2 guest articles till now, one for HellBound Bloggers and another for ShoutMeLoud. I also lacked in commenting on other Blogs and building up relationships with fellow Bloggers. When you stay in a place, you need to build up relationships with people around you. Similarly, if you Blog, you should build up mutual relati0nship with Bloggers [preferably of same niche]. Anyway, I am commenting on other Blogs right now and I have built relationship with many Tech Writers by now.

If you think I lacked in some other aspects, do let me know in your comments.

Some Posts which received maximum Traffic

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5. Writing Unique Articles to Become a Favorite Blogger

I do hope that BlogoTech progresses in the same way in future too. Do subscribe to BlogoTech if you like our content 🙂 If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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