Samsung Infuse 4G Specs and Features

Recently we had written about Samsung Infuse 4G which would be the thinnest Android phone. It was released on May 15th. It is the fastest smartphone currently available from AT&T. Its thin form factor makes it quite handy. Moreover the 4.5 inch display makes it really attractive. The features of Samsung Infuse 4G would surely make your pocket lighter by $199.99 [again .99 :D]

Display and Hardware

Samsung Infuse 4GAs I had mentioned above, it has a huge 4.5 inch 800 x 480-pixel resolution Super AMOLED Plus display. The Super AMOLED display makes it easier to read in sunlight due to polarization. Though it has a large display, it is too light and weighs just 5 ounces. Its thin body measures just 0.35 inches. As all the smartphones have, even the Infuse 4G has the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top.

The Samsung Infuse 4G has two cameras- 1.3 Mega-Pixel at the front and 8 Mega-Pixel at the rear. The front camera is obviously for video chats whereas the rear one is capable of recording 720p HD video. It also has a single LED Flash.

Powered by a 1.2GHz processor, it has 16GB built-in Storage. Additional storage option is a 2GB microSD card and it also has support for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.


Samsung Infuse 4G Android 2.2 FroyoThe Samsung Infuse 4G runs on Android 2.2  Froyo. Again, just like the HTC Droid Incredible 2, Infuse 4G too does not have the latest version of Android. Anyway, only 4% of the smartphones are powered with the latest version (Gingerbread) but I don’t understand why new phones hit the market with this outdated version

The User Interface is good as it is pretty fast and similar to the HTC Droid, you can have numerous widgets. I have seen most of them who do not like Samsung’s Keyboard. An alternative is that you can use the Swype instead of the default Samsung keyboard which is quite good.

Uploading Third Party Apps

The Samsung Infuse 4G is the first phone from AT&T to allow side-loading of third party applications. You can upload .apk files on your phone which is accessible via the file manager and can be installed. To do this, you need to got Settings–>Applications and hit the checkbox next to unknown services. You can also check the tutorial on how to install APK files on Android.

Battery Life

The Samsung Infuse 4G is powered with 1,750mAh. The battery life is quite good when compared with other Android Smartphones. But it would obviously get drained when you are fondling with it using too many applications or browsing the web. But you can not prevent yourself from doing that as these phones are made only for such multi-tasking features.

Price and Verdict

Well, it is a 4G phone and hence it would have a quite high data speed. This might tempt you to buy Infuse 4G and yes, this decision is a wise one. Its excellent display, thin form factor and light weight makes the phone worth buying. It is priced at $199.99 and I do feel that it’s not high as the features concerned with the mobile phone.

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