Track Grid is an Affiliate Tracking Software For Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs and Coupons are an integral part of any business and it is always worthy to track your affiliates’ performance. Obviously it would be difficult to monitor the performance of every affiliate separately and this is when you would feel the need for an affiliate tracking software. Track Grid is one among them and is affordable + reliable. Now I’m sure you would love to try such software but only after you know the features of this affiliate tracking software. Let us have a look on some of them.

Affiliate Tools

Affiliate tools are the banner ads or links, email creatives and other sources of trafficking in traffic through affiliates. Running a campaign is much easier with Track Grid with the help of its affiliate tools as it has creative pushing in the application. You can send banners, flash ads, email creative or any other type of media you prefer with automatically embedded links, subids and tracking for them. This would surely reduce your work load.

Affiliate Grouping

It is always better to divide the work among your employees in a business and in this case, it’s affiliates. Using Track Grid you can organizing your affiliates into groups, for example “Top 5, Steve’s Affiliates and Email Pubs” is a group. There can be several others of this type.

Another remarkable use of Grouping is that you can restrict the access of your employees or affiliates to a certain group. This lets managers of that group add/remove members of the same group only. Well, that is what you can call as perfect organizing 😉

You can also run individual reports for these groups. the statistics of the organized groups are available in real time. You can also send email to a specific group, add or delete users from the group or change permissions for the Group.

Affiliate Communication

Track Grid provides you with an easy way to communicate with your affiliates.You can send specific email, news, and creatives directly from the Track Grid platform. Since you own a business, it is very likely that you would also have a Google Apps account. With Track Grid affiliate tracking software you can use the Google Apps integration feature to  see affiliate details without leaving your inbox and also quickly pull up a specific affiliate with the click of a button.

Customized Reporting

This is the output of your hard work. Track Grid is an affiliate tracking software which has the most advanced tracking and reporting available today. You can create customized reports and also track clicks, sales, impressions, and logins.

Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Reporting

With Track Grid you get a branded dashboard. When your affiliates login to your dashboard, they’ll have access to a full range of reports, including your standard text/graph report, showing: click, raw click, leads, eCPC and subid reporting, grouping and sorting. You also get an option for advanced reporting which includes location reporting and break-downs by hour. Isn’t that great?

A few other features of Track Grid are:

  • Creating and managing bonus programs or referral programs
  • Creating CPA, CPS, CPC, and Revenue Share Campaigns for affiliates
  • Tracking frauds by built in fraud tools
  • Creating your own payment terms like Net 30, Weekly or Bi-Weekly
  • Export your accounting into any 3rd party accounting software to handle payments.

If you have an online business, you would surely find Track Grid useful for tracking your affiliates. What are your thoughts about this Affiliate Network Software?

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