HOW TO Use Your Android Phone as Motion Detector

If you have a smartphone which runs on Android, you can perform various operations with it. One among them is to use your Android phone as a Motion Detector! Motion detection is quite useful for security reasons. Whether it is a high security area or your own house, let your phone’s camera face the door of your house to make sure no one breaks in. Though these situations are rare, you can make use of Motion Detector Pro for various other reasons as and when the situation demands!

Motion Detector Pro is a free app which lets you use your Android device as a remote surveillance device using Motion detection. The camera remains on and if any motion is observed within the range of the camera, you are notified with a picture of the moving object (or) person. You can opt to be notified via email or text message which will contain the ink of the uploaded image of the movement observed. You can also set an alarm in your phone after a minimum number of motions are observed.

Android Motion Detector

If you do not have access to your phone, you can also start surveillance by sending a text message to your phone (password protected). This would be useful when you need to safeguard your business being at home!

You can also activate the Stealt mode, so that if someone touches your phone, the application is killed.

This application is quite useful for business owners and people who would like to keep an eye on their pet and can be used on devices running Android 2.2 and above. Do you find it useful?

Install Motion Detector Pro For Android [Android Market]

Download Motion Detector Pro APK [APK File]

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