View Desktop Screen on Android Device with Design Preview

There are quite a lot of apps which let you stream your Desktop onto an Android device. But apps are great when they make the process simpler and easier to use. Android Design Preview is one such app which makes it simple and easy to view your Desktop screen on your Android Device. Developed by Roman Nurik, an Android Developer and Advocate at Google, this app makes it possible for you to view your desktop on Android by downloading a 567 KB file. The app is installed on your phone via USB.


How is it Useful?

It does not have quite many uses but people who would like to take a screenshot of a portion of their Desktop and transfer it to their phone can use this application to make their work simpler. To do this, you can take a screenshot of your phone when you are viewing the desktop screen on your Android device.

Theme developers and webmasters can use this app to see how their theme or website would look when viewed on mobile or any other Android device.

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