Windows Mango Tango ROM For LG Optimus Me P350

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Few months back, a reader of BlogoTech posted some comments on this blog seeking help to install custom recovery, and today he has made a new ROM for us, thanks Anton Ramirez & Luis akira Marin. While I appreciate his efforts in porting the Windows ROM from LG P500 to LG P350, I also decided to post a review of this ROM here on BlogoTech. Yes it is obviously a great ROM which I am using right now and seems to have everything in working condition except a few bugs which will be mentioned below.

Before you install this ROM, have a look at some screenshots.

Screen Captures of Windows ROM On LG Optimus Me P350

Launcher 7    

Messages    Music Player

Notifications    Music Player

Check out more than 60 custom ROMs for LG Optimus Me P350 on Hack My Android Forums.


What Works?

Almost everything works including Camera, WiFi and data.

What Does not Work?

  • Bluetooth call does not work.
  • Boot animation image is quite large (is it a bug? :P)
  • The last 3 buttons of the dialer are not seen when in call. To fix this, download Phone.apk and replace it with the phone.apk present in /system/data using Root Explorer.

My Personal Review

This is my personal review as posted on Facebook:

Okay guys, I have been using Windows Mango Tango for the past 30 minutes from now. Final Verdict:
Yes, it works awesome. I am amazed withe the Music quality.
I could not restore data via Nandroid backup. Workaround: Use App Extractor to restore apps and data from nandroid backup.
Messaging Metro does not allow you to delete Messages or receive notifications. Workaound: Remove it and use Messaging 7 which gives you all options to customize and gives a Windows feel.
Fede’s Music app is great but controls are not visible, hence you can uninstall it too. Workaround: Use Uber Music app which is again similar to a Windows Music Player.
Games work great. I just played NFS and it worked flawlessly.
Bluetooth call still not working. I don’t call it a bug because I suspect my Bluetooth headphone to be corrupted (will get it fixed soon).
RAM Memory gives 90MB free space if you don’t have any apps running.
Contacts are great along with Facebook Integration which allows you to view News Feed, Messages, photos etc in the Contacts app itself.

All the apps like Messaging 7, Uber Music are available here

The Prerequisites and steps to install this ROM are on Page 2.

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  • vrishank

    while flashing this windows rom it says that it is an unsigned version

    • Toggle Signature verification while you are in recovery. When you select install zip from SD card, you will get an option to toggle signature verification. Just select it and it will be turned off and then you can flash the ROM!

  • nikolaiffb

    Lalit, do you know battery life with this ROM?

  • You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff.
    thanks for the share.

  • Amrit

    Hi Lalit

    Thanks for the share again

    For a change, shifted to this ROM from the Honeycomb and just managed to get it working … Well its too good 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful share

    However, I had one question to ask here – as with all Cyanogenmod Rom, I had a tough time in dealing with contacts. With the stock ROM, I had enabled it to read only from the SIM. However, in these ROMs there is no option of writing back to the SIM, as well as no option of seeing contacts from only SIM or phone thing. Maybe, there can be an area of development here 🙂

    For now, let me enjoy the ROM — WinDroid as I would like to call it 😉

    – amRit

  • Amrit

    And special thanks to Anton Ramirez & Luis akira Marin for their efforts — Nice job guys 🙂

  • Anton

    Thanks Lalit And amrit

  • jlouis

    Hi! Do you know how to fix, LGp350 no media sound and the battery is not charging eventhough it says charging on the screen. Thank you! Btw, i love your blog, i already installed ROM on my phone. Thank you Lalit.

  • Amrit

    Hi Lalit / Anton

    Been using the ROM for almost a week and find it very enchanting

    I would thus like to point some areas where I faced problems in the ROM – Maybe it can be Fixed/Updated to make it even more refined 🙂

    1. As mentioned earlier, the boot screen is large and tends to spread over
    2. Try using the clock for alarm purposes (both in landscape and potrait mode) and you shall see that the Time digits are somewhat cut off
    3. This one I encountered today – probably the most significant of my discoveries -> When calling in a number that requires you to use the dial pad while the call is in progress (IVR systems of cell companies / banks), I found it IMPOSSIBLE to press any of the keys of the last line of the standard dialer i.e. *, 0, #
    In my case, I required to punch in a zero while the call was in progress, but since it is overlapped by the END button, I ended up disconnecting the call. As a last resort, I had to make use of another phone to make my urgent call

    Comparing the battery life of the Honeycomb themed and this, I find that Honeycomb gave me almost 2 days of backup on the MAX – around 36 hrs average, while this one is giving me an average of 22-26hrs only. The MAX that it pushed me was till 32 hrs. I have been using the same services (like FeedR Ringtone volume settings, vibration settings etc) over both the ROM’s

    Personally, this ROM is more appealing and is great to have along

    If the above can be cured, I am sure that this will be the best C7.2 themed ROM for P350

    In comparision to the Honeycomb, this ROM has almost zero Force Close errors (I had run the Fix permissions from Clockwork also – maybe that helped)

    Eagerly waiting for your thoughts and fixes 🙂

    Will post anything that I might encounter

    Once again, thanks a lot for taking so much efforts in building this ROM for the device 🙂

    – amRit

  • Georgexxxx

    broken url “link” can fix it please? 🙁

  • aisha

    hey wats dis update zip cann u plz tell me

  • Rahul

    8. Do the same for Update zip file.

    What is and Where is Update zip file.

    • I’m sorry, I forgot to edit the post. The ROM has been updated and now does not need any file.

  • Rahul

    Thanks for ur replay i will try it now.
    every thing u posted works great keep it coming and thanks again

  • Prarthana

    How to install Messaging 7, Uber Music do we have to flash the zip like Tom zip or extract and install.
    And where is the gapps zip

  • dayat

    Hi Lalit 🙂

    why google play on my phone doesn’t working???
    I use your windows mango rom

    please help me!

    thanks 😀

  • joseph

    in messaging, doest not have smiley, too bad 🙁

  • mani

    works great, but, can you post a link to get think free back to my phone:-

  • mani

    i cannot install thinkfree on my phone,i’ve tried from recovery also ,but it says update… is missing and installation aborted.please, help me…..
    and tethring has a problem….

  • khushansh

    where is the link for this rom ? is that 5 or 6 mb file the rom ? O.o link of the rom ?