Windows Mango Tango ROM For LG Optimus Me P350

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Few months back, a reader of BlogoTech posted some comments on this blog seeking help to install custom recovery, and today he has made a new ROM for us, thanks Anton Ramirez & Luis akira Marin. While I appreciate his efforts in porting the Windows ROM from LG P500 to LG P350, I also decided to post a review of this ROM here on BlogoTech. Yes it is obviously a great ROM which I am using right now and seems to have everything in working condition except a few bugs which will be mentioned below.

Before you install this ROM, have a look at some screenshots.

Screen Captures of Windows ROM On LG Optimus Me P350

Launcher 7    

Messages    Music Player

Notifications    Music Player

Check out more than 60 custom ROMs for LG Optimus Me P350 on Hack My Android Forums.


What Works?

Almost everything works including Camera, WiFi and data.

What Does not Work?

  • Bluetooth call does not work.
  • Boot animation image is quite large (is it a bug? :P)
  • The last 3 buttons of the dialer are not seen when in call. To fix this, download Phone.apk and replace it with the phone.apk present in /system/data using Root Explorer.

My Personal Review

This is my personal review as posted on Facebook:

Okay guys, I have been using Windows Mango Tango for the past 30 minutes from now. Final Verdict:
Yes, it works awesome. I am amazed withe the Music quality.
I could not restore data via Nandroid backup. Workaround: Use App Extractor to restore apps and data from nandroid backup.
Messaging Metro does not allow you to delete Messages or receive notifications. Workaound: Remove it and use Messaging 7 which gives you all options to customize and gives a Windows feel.
Fede’s Music app is great but controls are not visible, hence you can uninstall it too. Workaround: Use Uber Music app which is again similar to a Windows Music Player.
Games work great. I just played NFS and it worked flawlessly.
Bluetooth call still not working. I don’t call it a bug because I suspect my Bluetooth headphone to be corrupted (will get it fixed soon).
RAM Memory gives 90MB free space if you don’t have any apps running.
Contacts are great along with Facebook Integration which allows you to view News Feed, Messages, photos etc in the Contacts app itself.

All the apps like Messaging 7, Uber Music are available here

The Prerequisites and steps to install this ROM are on Page 2.

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