The 20 best Extensions for Firefox and Chrome 2011

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are based on today's most popular browsers on the network, and the proof is that they pose a real threat for Internet Explorer that seems to suddenly lose its leadership. The same happened to the Mozilla browser with the second place a few weeks ago. The newest … [Read more...]

Tips to Accelerate Google Chrome Browser

This is a guest post by Asher Ross. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post. Google's browser, even if it is in childhood, has proven to be a lightweight alternative, very fast and very efficient compared to other browsers. Of course a proposal remains … [Read more...]

HOW TO Move Your Facebook Photos to Google Plus

Photos are a part of our memories and everyone likes to preserve their photos online! Most of you would have preferred Facebook but there are many people who have been migrating to Google+. You can check our review of Google plus or request an invite for Google Plus.  If you are migrating from … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up Your Firefox Browser

Firefox 4 was released recently and you would want to speed up your Browser. This is a trick which will help you in speeding up your Firefox Browser. Using this trick you can increase the responding time of the browser and loading time of the web pages. First you need to view the configuration of … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 4 Available for Download

I am writing this article using the Firefox 4 Browser and trust me, it is much better than the previous version. Internet Explorer 9 was released by Microsoft recently and today, Firefox 4 had been made available for download. My choice is Firefox 4 because of its useful add-ons which are of great … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer 9 Now Available For Download

Microsoft has released the Windows Internet Explorer 9 yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Texas which boasts of some improved features like HTML 5, greater design and enhanced Speed. Here are a few features which will boost its performance: Increased Speed Simplified Design Pinned Sites: You can … [Read more...]