HOW TO Get Back Old YouTube Design & Homepage

A few days back we leaked out the new YouTube design before it was officially out . The new design reflects to the changes in the new Google Bar and the recent redesign of Google. However there are many who are not happy with this design of YouTube. So here is a way to switch back to old YouTube … [Read more...]

Download All YouTube Videos from a User, Channel or Playlist

Recently we wrote about how to watch YouTube videos with friends using watch2gether and now we will tell you about a new software which lets you download all YouTube videos from a particular YouTube channel or playlist, Free YouTube Download is an amazing app which lets you download either single … [Read more...]

Watch Youtube Videos With Friends in Private Sessions

You can easily share YouTube videos with your friends through Social Media but it had been tough to watch YouTube videos together with your friends. Yes, it had been but it is really easy now. You can watch YouTube videos with your friends using I recently came across this web … [Read more...]

HOW TO Stream & Share Youtube Videos Within Facebook & Chrome

Recently I wrote about how to load Youtube Videos faster and control Youtube videos volume using mouse scrolling. But do you know any application which lets you stream and share Youtube videos within Facebook? I haven’t come across any such application yet. +Music is a Chrome Extension which lets … [Read more...]

How To Remove YouTube Logo From Videos

Just a while ago, when I was going through Digital Inspiration, I got my eyes on this wonderful piece of information or a trick as I usually call such articles. This trick shows you how to embed YouTube videos without the YouTube logo. When you embed a YouTube video, this is how it looks: and … [Read more...]